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Fat NO,

Check this

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Q: Can a H4 visa holder work or what can she doing?
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How can you get work on an H4 visa?

H4 visa holders are not allowed to legally work. H4 is a derivative of an H1 visa. H4 visa holders are allowed entry to US because they are dependents of H1 visa holder. H4 visa holders are not eligible for Social Security Number. H4 visa holder may apply EAD only if filed concurrently with the principal's (H1 Visa holder) I-140 petition OR if principal's I-140 petition is pending or approved. H4 visa holders are not allowed to work legally. H4 is a derivative of an H1 visa. H4 visa holders are allowed entry to US because they are dependents of H1 visa holder. H4 visa holders are not eligible for Social Security Number. H4 visa holder may apply EAD only if filed concurrently with the principal's (H1 Visa holder) I-140 petition OR if principal's I-140 petition is pending or approved.

Can a H4 visa holder get a H1B sponsorship from a school as a teacher having previous experience in India?

Yes, an H4 visa holder can get an H1B through teaching job. The H4 visa holder simply needs to get a job with a school that is willing to file the sponsorship.

H4 visa to H1 visa?

Difficult - the H4 holder would have to be needed and benefit the US economy in his/her own right.

How can an unskilled H4 visa holder obtain a work permit?

As per visa rules H4 visa holders cannot work for a 9 to 5 job. But H4 visa holders can make money online and that is legal. To read more about it,visit the link

What is u.s.a. student visa fee?

The person who doesnt attend school needs to marry the F1 holder before school term begins. Marrying an H1 work visa holder is fine as long as you are able to obtain a h4 dependent visa from which you cant work.

What is r h4 visa type?

It is a Regular H4 Visa.. no need to worry

What jobs are available for H4 dependents?

Unfortunately, H4 visa holders are not allowed to work here in the United States. It is the regulation when you applied for this type of visa. If you are already on H4, you can join to our group at facebook "H4 WORLD - ONLINE COMMUNITY", and share your thoughts. Thanks.

You are on a H4 visa your husband has changed the company but your visa is applicable to 2008 can you visit your country or do you need visa stamping again?

As long as primary h1 B Holder has valid I-797 should not be an issue

The holder of a US H4 Dependent Visa can't legally work but is there a way to earn money for expenses?

The only way to earn money for expenses is to work under the table. There are individuals and companies that will hire you and pay you cash.

What is the limitation of H1b visa holder?

H1B visas last 3 years. You can only have two and then you have to apply for a Green Card or return to your home country. Your wife and child can get H4 visas if you have a H1. Your wife would not be able to work legally on an H4 but your child can attend school. You can get a driver's license with an HI. You can only legally work for the company named on the H1B visa and no other company.

How do you identify visa number in H4 visa?

It is clearly printed near the top

How long is a J1 visa valid for?

i dont have degree certificate but i have transcripts...........can i get h1b visa or h4 visa

Do H4 visa holders have Alien registration number?


Can you joint the US ARMY with an H4 visa?

yes u can

How do you an alien registration number if you have an H4 Visa?

As a H4 visa holder, you do not have an alien registration number, if you have not aplied Green Card (USCIS form I-485) before. To get an alien registration number, the H1 visa holder must apply for USCIS form I-140 first. If an immigration visa is vailable for the H1 visa holder, he/she and the H4 depentent can apply for USCIS form I-485, and then get an alien registration number from SUCIS Servicd center. H-4 visas are issued to the H-1 holder's spouse and children under twenty-one years of age. Holders of H-4 visas are considered to be dependents of H-1B visa holders. As H-4 status holders, spouses and children under twenty-one years of age may be entitled to enter and remain in the United States for the duration of the H-1 holder's authorized stay.

Where to renew h4 visa?

People must have the documentations stamped in their home country. Therefore to renew an H4 Visa the person must return to the country of origin. An extension may be filed from the host country.

Can two foreigners one holding H1B visa and another holding a tourist visa get married in US?

marrying on tourist visa is a bad idea. that is exactly what consulate officers look for. when you are on tourist visa, be a tourist. dont look for marriage or jobs. better tourist visa holder goes back, you go to that country, marry there and come back after applying for h4.

Is it possible to study under H4 visa in US?

Yes, you can study full time on H4 visa. You may also be eligible for in-state tuition too if you have lived in that state with your husband for more than year.

H4 visa restamping at Canada?

What is your question? You need to give more details.

Will h4 visa holder considered as international students?

Yes, H4 is just about the worst type of international visa holder you can possibly be. As H4 students, no matter how long we have resided in the U.S., or how long we have been waiting for our damn greencard to pass, we not only are considered international students, but also will get VERY MINIMAL financial aid from colleges all over the country. That is excluding top ivies such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. HOwever, if you think about it, what are the chances of international students like us(ESPECIALLY if we're asian) to get into top ivies? We are competing with people for the 5% slot of every university not to mention millions of applicants from all over the hardworking countries of asia.

If you do not have an IT backgroud how do you convert your H4 visa to H1 status?

Without any work experience you will not be able to find a legitimate company to sponsor you for an H1 visa so almost impossible. H1B visa has few requirements that includes bachelor degree, work experience. Sponsor employer should show to US department you are eligible for the work and you have required skill sets.

How can someone with an H4 visa get health and dental insurance?

You can get a travel insurance up to 5 year.

Can you get work permit on H4 visa?

You can. You will have to find an employer just like your spouse did for their H1B. And then, you will have to climb mountains to convince them to apply for your conversion from H4-H1B Realistically speaking though, it is very difficult if you are in non-IT related field. Reasons being: 1) Many employers don't know about this bizarre H4 Visa! 2) H4's don't get SSN - given current economic situation, a lot of employers ask for your SSN while filling in online applications 3) Quota Problem! H1b filing starts in April and even if you find an employer willing to do this conversion for you - you will not be able to start work until October. Ask yourself, would you offer someone a job and them wait 7 months for them to come on board? Unless, the person you are hiring has super unique skills and has come from another world! PS - not discouraging you..just giving you the "real" picture so you can plan ahead. Cheers, Just Another H4 Visa Holder Apparently I hold an MBA, B.Tech - previous work exp with Microsoft and IBM in HR and speak fluent English! Welcome to US!

I am a software engineer from India and currently on H4 visa .I want to change my career to being a teacher .?


Is a tourist or an h4 visa qualified to buy lotto tickets suppose they win can they get the amount won?

yes they pay they should win