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no but its most likely your catalitic converter get under the car and bang on the cat it will most likely rattle the inside is broke

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Q: Can a O2 sensor make a rattling sound upon acceleration?
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Will a bad egr on a ford mustang make very loud rattling or tapping sound like something is loose?

No a bad egr will cause surging at idle or bucking while under light acceleration.

Do the oxygen sensor make noise?

Yes. I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado that was making a rattling/pinging noise. Sounds like somethings loose, like thin metal rattling. Took to dealer, they replaced both oxygen sensors pre-catylitic converter. Sound was gone and acceleration was much better. Did not notice how sluggish the truck was until these were replaced. The noise was very annoying too. The truck was only about 2 or 3 years old when the noise started. Now my truck is about 9 years old and the sound is back. So I will be replacing them again soon.

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Why does your car make a noise when step on the pedal?

When the turbo winds up it can make a whistling sound when a driver steps on the pedal. A loose part can also cause a rattling sound when the pedal is used.

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What sound does a broken water pump make?

It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.

Why did tube stocks made by metro-camell eg 1972 stock make a clicking sound as they adjust their speed of acceleration?

The tube stock made the clicking sound as they adjusted their speed of acceleration because of the mechanical action.

What would make a rattling sound in a 1999 dodge ram 1500 pickup truck engine?

A baby in the back (with a rattle of course), or a rattle snake under the seat

Why does my Mazda protege make rattling noises when parked?

Your Mazda Protege might make rattling noises when parked because of a loose or damaged muffler or even body panels that are loose. It might also make a rattling noise because of a damaged motor mount.

Is it normal for a camera to make vibration rattling sounds?

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Does putting in the wrong oil drain plug on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe make a rattling sound?

NO WAY. It would have to be 8 to 10 inches long to touch anything in the engine.