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The US government is protected by "Sovereign Immunity". In 1946 Congress passed The Federal Tort Claims Act giving individual LIMITED right to sue the government.

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Q: Can a US Citizen sue the government?
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Related questions

Can a Mexican citizen sue a US citizen?

In US Federal court, yes. As can US Americans sue Mexican Americans.

Can you sue the US government without being a citizen?

yes you can because you are a part of the place you live in so you have the right.

Can a regular citizen sue the federal government?


Can someone who is not a US citizen but has a work visa sue a US citizen in small claims in California?


Can an American citizen sue the government of a foreign nation in US Court?

Yes. There are several instances of this, North Korea being the most recent among them.

Can a citizen from one state sue government of another state in federal court?



Because it could get them in tons of trouble.

Is it possible to sue the federal government?

In some instances a private citizen can sue a federal agency. But, as in all lawsuits the action must be specific, such as a suit against HUD, not the "federal government" in general.

Can a citizen from another state sue the government of another state in federal court?


Can a US citizen sue a British citizen?

I think only if you are a citizen of Britan. I will upgrade this in about 1 hour.

Can the US government sue a foreign national not physiclly present in the US?

Yes, there is the international law, which the US government can use to sue a foreign national who is not physically present in the United States.

Can you work in the UK government if US citizen?

I think you can but you have to change to UK citizen!

In which court may Americans sue the US government?

The US Court of Claims

How can a us citizen be part of the government?


Can you be a citizen of Florida and not a citizen of the US?

There is no such thing as "Florida citizenship". Florida does not have the authority to issue citizenship, as the government of Florida is a subordinate to the federal government of the United States. You can be a Florida resident without being a US citizen, but you cannot actually be a citizen of Florida.

Can an American citizen sue a citizen from Europe?

yes you can as long as that citizen is in the province.

What is one responsibilitie that is only for US citizens?

To Vote. You must be a US citizen to vote in a US election. It is the responsibility of every US citizen to ensure that we get the government we want.

Can a Canadian citizen sue an American citizen?

Maybe, whether or not diversity jurisdiction applies is determined by the facts of the case in question. Any civil case between a US citizen and a citizen of another country can be filed in a US Federal Court if the suit is for $10,000 or more. The state in which the US defendant lives usually determines which federal court will have jurisdiction.

How can a regular citizen sue the federal government?

Yes they can. The Federal Tort Claims act was put in place in 1948 and it allows private people to sue the Federal Governement. The act challenges sovereign immunity.

Under what circumstances can an American citizen sue the US?

The U.S. cannot be sued by anyone, in any court, for any reason, without its consent. The government may be taken to court only in cases in which congress declares that the United states is open to suit.

What are the age requirements to sue the US government?

A person must be over the age of 18 to sue the US government. If the person is younger than 18 and has a valid claim, it must be brought by a guardian or guardian ad litem.

Can a American citizen sue an Canadian citizen?

yes you can yes you can

Is it true every prospective naturalized US citizen must take an oath of allegiance to the us government before becoming a citizen?


Can an American living in Mexico sue a citizen of the US?

Yes, neither US citizenship nor US residency is required to bring a suit in the U.S. court system.

Can a filipino citizen sue a resident of uae?

Yes, you can sue anybody.