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Can a US felon travel to Singapore after probation is over?


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Felons can get passports. I have a felony conviction, and just got mine in the mail yesterday.

== == Americans who have been convicted of a felony cannot get a US passport, so they can't leave the USA, legally, nor re-enter with out a passport. That is the punishment for being a criminal. Definitely something to do a little more research on. I have a friend who not only got a passport as a felon, but WHILE HE WAS ON SUPERVISION. Getting the passport was ROUTINE. He was issued the passport on initial application. Traveling was an issue with his parole officer, who required him to get a judge to authorize it. In Montana, and I am assuming in all other states, there is NO LAW OR RULE that prohibits a felon or x-felon from obtaining a passport. ANYONE, even non-felons, can have a passport denied if they owe back child support, taxes, or student loans. The punishment for being a criminal was to serve the sentence they were given, NOT to be denied a passport. I have traveld overseas on probation. passport was no problem. Anyone anywhere that wants to look you up can find out everything about your conditions of probation,ect. so you should be good while you are there. Most countries are not nearly as tight assed as the guy who wrote the first line and most dont care about American attitudes towards law breakers.


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