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Can a bad distributor cap cause a manual transmission to jerk?


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A corroded distributor cap and rotor will cause a vehicle to be difficult if not impossible to start and may cause the motor to run rough. If a manual transmission is jerky the clutch slave cylinder or clutch may need replacing ( clutch slipping ). It would also do to check the clutch lines for leaking fluid.


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yes it will especially when the torque converter is going into lockup

It definitely is a possible cause of it jerking, if it's not an engine mount, service the transmission

The most common cause of a automatic transmission jerking, when shifting, is low transmission fluid. Fill the transmission to the full mark.

There are several problems that could cause your car to jerk when slowing down. The most common cause would be a transmission problem.

possible problems: broken engine mounts cause the engine to jerk, or tranmission fluid needs change, and possibly bad transmission.

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

In this sense, a "jerk" most commonly refers to a transmission problem.

First you should Check out your Transmission oil level that could cause your car too jerk into gear. The only other thing it might be if the transmission is going bad and you should have it checked by a transmission specialist

bad clutch if a manual, if automatic, need a transmission check up.

Could be spark in the motor, or the distributor and rotor need to be replaced.

Possibley, the Clutch sensor, or the transmission is going.

Bad fuel pump will cause the engine to stall or not start at all. A bad automatic transmission will cause the vehicle to jerk and not run smoothly.

It may just be low on fluid.

If it's an automatic, your transmission may be dying; if you drive a manual, you're probably letting the clutch out too fast.

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

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either it's abs (anti braking syatem) or gas sloshing around in the tank Time for a tune up.

One thing that can cause this is a slipping automatic transmission. The clutches do not engage at first letting the engine run free, then they engage suddenly producing a slam or jerk. This will quickly destroy a transmission.

A vehicle speed sensor or transmission range sensor malfunction can cause shifting problems. A loose connection or bad shift solenoid could also be the problem. Check the bulkhead connectors at the transmission for a loose wire or broken connector pin. Have the vehicle scanned for trouble codes. Electronic diagnosis is a complicated procedure and should be performed by a qualified technician . If you do it yourself purchase a transmission service manual and follow it step by step.

A bad tire can cause your 2002 Honda Civic to jerk while driving. A bad ball joint can also cause this issue.

What do you mean by jerk?.......... Surge? hesitate? transmission slip? Misfire? I need a better explanation.

low transmission fluid clogged fluid filter

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