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A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.

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Why does your harmonic balancer make noise?

It shouldn't make noise. If it does, replace it!

If the rubber gasket on the harmonic balancer is ripped up will this cause a bad knocking noise How do you replace it if need be?

Hard to say. However, if the "rubber gasket" you're talking about is the center bushing on your harmonic balancer, that could throw your Harmonic balancer out of balance. This could easily make it shake to beat the band which in turn could be the knocking noise you're hearing. I suggest you get it looked at immediatly. If that is what happened, your engine won't survive long.

What would cause your 1989 buick park avenue to knock?

== == I do believe if you hear a knocking noise that your crank shaft could be failing. Which means you will need a new engine. Have it checked out. Replace the harmonic balancer they will make a bad knocking noise. When you start it and the oil light goes out and it knocks, this is what is wrong with it.

What kind of noise does a bad harmonic balancer make?

it'll sound like a hollow tapping sound while rotating.

Can a bad harmonic balancer make an intermittent squealing noise you have replaced all tensioner and idler pulleys but it still makes this noise with the belt removed?

not always usally makes an noise close to a rattle or knocking hence harmonic.use a broom stick or hose to use as a listening device to locate the exact place of your noise could be starter sticking in(ect...)

What would make a 97 park ave make a knocking noise when you start it?

It could be the harmonic balancer. This is the first pulley on the engine drive shaft that drives all the other pulleys with the serpentine belt. It is quite easy to look at it and see if the rubber has deteriorated. I had this problem with my '92 PA.

How do you remove the harmonic balancer in a Nissan Maxima?

To remove the harmonic balancer from a Nissan Maxima, first you need to removed the center bolt. After that, you can use a puller to remove the harmonic balancer. Before you do this, make sure you disconnect the battery and remove the drive belts.

Does a harmonic balancer knock when it goes bad on a 305 Chevy?

The balancer is made of 2 pieces That have a rubber piece in the center of them that hold the balancer together. If the balancer comes apart YES it will knock / make noise and the engine would vibrate/shake. You would be able to move 1 piece of the balancer with your hand if that was the case. Check it.

How do you remove the harmonic balancer on a 1996 dodge neon?

loosen the center bolt and get your self a harmonic balancer puller just make sure you loosen the center bolt enough but not too much but you need a balancer puller.

What could the problem be if a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville is making a loud knocking rattle noise but it is not smoking and still runs smooth?

Could also be the harmonic balancer. When they go bad they make a knocking noise when the engine is idling. If it has a rod or main bearing going bad it would NOT affect the way it runs so you could have a serious problem in the motor itself. If the rod or main is going out it will not run long like that. SORRY TO BE THE ONE TO TELL YOU THIS. Ray

What causing Kia Sedona to make loud humm?

It could be your harmonic balancer.

Rod knock noise but rods and bearings are fine?

did you disassemble the engine to determine the rod condition? some harmonic balancers will make a knocking sound when they go bad

What animals make a knocking noise?


Can a bad harmonic balancer make an intermittent squealing sound?

Yes if rubber isolator is bad

How do you replace harmonic balancer on 1993 f 350 with 351 motor?

first remove serpintine? fan belt then remove large bolt in middle of harmonic balance. this bolt usually has left hand thread next with a harmonic pulley ,puller, remove harmonic balancer.when removing this, there is a key in the balancer and shaft if a new key did not come with new balancer,make sure not to loose the old one install new balancer with key.use the bolt to pull balancer up tight where it needs to be and use proper torque on bolt

What causes a knocking sound in your car?

many many things, Loose lug nuts which lets wheel make knocking noise. Engine will make a knocking noise if it is really low on oil. Some timing belts make a knocking, slapping noise just before they break.These are just a few examples . Have someone ride in car with you as you duplcate the noise and see if they can determine which part of the vehicle it is coming from.

What kind of noise does a bad harmonic make?

unless real bad usaully do not make a noise but give bad vibration.

How do you take off the harmonic balancer on a 1988 Ford Ranger?

Pull the belts, remove the center retaining bolt then use a harmonic balancer puller to remove the pulley. Make sure you use a disk that will protect the threads of the cranshaft when you tighten the puller.

What causes your 1999 3.8L V6 Chevrolet Camaro to make a vibration noise in the motor could it be the harmonic balancer or the timing chain?

It could be or it could be the balance shaft or numerous other things. Take it to a shop and have them check it out for you.

Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 1992 Oldsmobile 88?

Its under the harmonic balancer cover. You can see the wiring on the right (front) side of the cover. Pull the harmonic balancer to replace it, make sure you line-up the teeth right in the magnetic pick-up.

What would cause a harmonic balancer to shimmy on a 350 Chevy engine?

The balancer has a piece of rubber that holds it together, The balancer is made of two pieces with rubber in the middle, and the rubber is coming apart. REPLACE BALANCER. The Pulley that's bolted on the balancer may be bent or not on stright and flush on the balancer, That would make the balancer look like its wobbleing too.

Oil leak from harmonic balancer Chevrolet 350?

The oil leak is probably comming from the top of the oil pan there is a rubber gasket that goes between the oil pan and the water pumb which would make it look like its comming from the harmonic balancer, try replacing the oil pan gasket this should fix the problem. New answer: There is a small round oil seal / Harmonic balancer seal that fits in the timing cover and the balancer slides through the center of it. That is probley were your oil leak is. Most of the time the balancer itself gets a groove wore in it over time from that rubber seal running on it. You can repair the balancer by buying a Harmonic balancer repair sleeve/ speedy seal. Also replace the front timing cover seal.

How do you remove the harmonic balancer on a 300zx with an automatic transmission?

you buy a pulley grabber kit, make sure you get one large enough to fit over the harmonic balance. but be careful not to damage it, harmonic balances are expensive to replace.

How do you change the Harmonic Balancer on a 1977 Chevy 350?

they make a harmonic balancer install/ remover....very simple with the right tool... more than likely any local parts store should have one on the shelf...they come with a decent diagram to help ya out

Why would a Tempo Ford 1988 make a low clicking noise approximately around the alternator area this sound can be heard more often when idling then driving?

It could be the belt tensioner or perhaps a tension transferral from a faulty harmonic balancer.