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Unless it's explicitly stated in the fine print that they can't do any such thing, they have a right to repossess the moment the payment is rendered late, if they so wish. However, if you have documentation from the bank showing them explicitly giving you a deadline date, and they come to repossess before then, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you would need to find out if it was the bank which had your car repossessed on that particular day, or if it was the repossessors jumping the gun and going forth with it before the date which they were specified to take possession of the vehicle.

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Q: Can a bank repossess a car before the last day of payment?
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Missed the last payment to pay off auto loan can the bank still repossess?

Yes they absolutely can and will! Don't be foolish. Pay up before you have added fees and charges or lose the vehicle completely.

Can they repossessed the car if you just owe the last payment?

The lienholder has an option to repossess when you become deficient on your payments for as long as you owe money on that vehicle. If you skip your last payment, that car can be repossessed.

How long does it take for the bank to write off a vehicle if they are unable to repossess it?

I think it varies on how long and who the finance company is but the last time I made a payment on my truck was November of 2007 and its January of 2009 and im sill driving it

What can you expect to receive from the bank after they receive the last payment and is there anything you need to do to prepare for the last payment?

You should get a TITLE if the loan was for a vehicle. Prepare? Make sure its paid.

If you purchased a 2006 H3 last week but put a stop payment on the down payment check for misrepresentation loan is through private party and you have tried to settle the matter can dealer repossess?

Yes they can re-possess at any time, terms and conditions state, the vehicle belongs to the HP company until full payment is received that you borrowed, however they must send you a NOD (notice of default) and give you 14 days in which to pay, and then a TERM ( TERMINATION OF YOUR RIGHTS) THEY CAN THEN REPOSSESS

Can your car still be repossessed after you've paid half of your past due balance?

Of course. The whole idea of "security" in your pledge of the car in exchange for the loan is that it is easier to repossess it than to sue you for non-payment, and that applies up until the very last payment is made.

If a car is in your name as the primary but your cosigner has been making payment for the last year and many of those payments have been paid late can you legally take that car from the cosigner?

Since the cosigners isn't paying, unless you start paying instead, and catch up on all late payments, the dealer or the bank will repossess the vehicle shortly anyway, so your question is moot.

Can a finance company repossess my car if I am only one week behind in car payments?

Typically, yes. Unless you have it in writing that they will change your payment date, or accept a later payment, they can repossess your car for being only a day late on your payment. However, most companies will not repossess this early as it usually ends with them losing money. They make more money by you paying your monthly payments plus interest. In the long run, if they repossess they have to sell the car at wholesale or auction and typically the person whose car was repossessed does not pay the balance due. This whole process takes a lot of time and money. Usually your finance company will avoid repossession until it is a last resort. Buy here pay here places aren't so nice however. In the end, legally speaking, the answer is yes.

How old can a check be before it cannot be honored by the bank?

Any cheque issued before the last 6 months can be encashed/honored by a bank.

How long does a stop payment take?

Most banks can place a stop payment on accounts within 24 hours. They generally last a few months. You can check exact dates by contacting your bank.

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How do you negotiate with your lender before your vehicle is repossessed?

I can assure you the lender does not want to repossess your vehicle. He loses money by having to do this. Sit down with them and discuss how much you can afford to pay each month. Ask them to renegotiate the loan, to a lower interest rate and smaller monthly payment. Something you can live with. Tell them you want to meet your obligation and repossession is the very last thing you want to happen.

What time does ema money go into your bank?

Should be like any other bacs payment. Starts from midnight, up until the bank closes at 5pm. Usually last payments are sent around 3pm. However if they pay it in using faster payment service, it can hit your account or night

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Once you have the end of contract date from Sky, they should tell you the last retrievable payment date, its advisable to speak to your bank and place a stop on it as there are occasions when things go wrong and a payment is taken.

How long does the average bank note last?

The average banknote will last for between 1 and 3 years before needing to be replaced.

When you run to the bank to quickly get some holiday shopping cash?

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Can a buy here pay here repossess my car if I have trouble getting in last 440.00?

The simple answer is " YES "

Your home insurance was not paid by the mortgage bank last month The insurance policy has been cancelled Does the bank have to insure you now?

The bank must make payments of these items from the account on time, if you kept an escrow account with the bank and carried out regular deposits for the taxes and insurance payment. If the bank does not pay the insurance premium on time and the insurance policy is cancelled, the bank must either get in touch with the insurance company and make them reinstate the policy, or buy a policy with another company. Nevertheless, within this time you keep being liable for continuing the insurance payment through your escrow account.

What is the normal time before a creditor can use a collection agengy to collect a debt?

Generally a Creditor will wait 180 days from the date of the last payment before passing the account to a Collection Agency

How far behind do you have to be before a lender can begin foreclosure proceedings on your home?

Forecloseure proceedingsgenerally begin about 90 days after the last mortgage payment is made.

You owe 667.00 on your car it should have been paid off in September you are sending a payment in a couple of days then you will owe 472.00 will it be taken away from you?

You owe less than 700 I higly doubt they will repo your car for that amount. You are ATTEMPTING to make payment. I really think it would cost the bank more for repoing the vehicle rather than waiting for the last payment

How long befor westlake financial repo?

They can for the most part legally repossess the car when you miss 1 payment. This is all spelled out in the contract you signed. In reality they will, more than likely, not start repossession proceedings if you miss 1 payment. Miss 2 payments and they for sure will. If you are having problems making the payments do not just ignore this. Contact the lender and work something out. The last thing you want to happen is get the car repossessed and ruin your credit for 7 years.

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