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well i did but its in a tank though but they seem to be fine. only thing is the goldfish eats all the food and the betta has a tiny mouth compare to the goldfish so yeah make sure he gets some food

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Can a betta fish survive in a bowl that had a goldfish in it for a day?

It should be fine.

Can you put one betta fish with one goldfish?

Betta fish are best as a solitary fish and are not compatible with goldfish.

What kind of tropical fish can you put in a fishbowl?

Betta, goldfish.ex.

Is a goldfish a betta fish?


Could you put goldfish and betta fish together?

No, Goldfish and Betta fish cannot, and should not, be housed together.

Do betta fish attack goldfish?

Betta fish will attack and bright colored fish with long flowing fins, this includes goldfish.

Can betta fish kill goldfish?

yes because once i got a betta fish and i put in a tank with a gold fish the first day the betta killed the goldfish so i boult a nother goldfish it did not kill the goldfish because i put them in sepret tanks so that's what you guys should do it because i did it try it people your goldfish will not dy. my goldfish was a fin-nipper that's why it killed it because the goldfish ripped a fin off of the betta so do not put betta fish with goldfish because you never no if the goldfish is a betta.

Will a betta fish fight with a goldfish?

YES! Betta fish are very aggresive. If you put another fish tank in front of the tank holding the betta fish, the betta will flare. So i wouldn't try putting the betta in the goldfish tank.

Can hatchet fish live in a fishbowl?

No! Well, that depends on what you mean by a fishbowl. If you literally mean a bowl with marbles and water like you would use for a goldfish or a betta, no. If you mean an aquarium with plants and an actual heater and filter, then yes. Hatchet fish make good freshwater aquarium fish.

Can you put fish in a goldfish bowl?

yes, that's why it is called a "fishbowl"!

Will a goldfish eat a betta fish?

It's the other way around.A betta may not eat the goldfish but it will attack and kill the goldfish.

What is the best type of fish to own?

goldfish. Definatly goldfish. Or betta

What do a betta and a goldfish have in common?

They are Both fish

Is betta fish food good for goldfish?


Can goldfish have betta fish food?

Goldfish can eat many things. Betta food isn't the best for them, but they will eat it.

Will betta fish die if they eat goldfish flakes?

I believe you mean Betta fish. No, it should be fine. You can treat you Betta fish by giving them bloodworms!

What fish can live in a 1 gallon fishbowl?

The Betta fish or 'Siamese Fighting Fish' is best suited for life in a bowl.

How does the betta fish kill the goldfish?

Betta fish are very aggressive. They pick at their scales and then they're gone!

Will betta fish eat goldfish food?

Yes, but it prefers betta food.

Can two betta fish live together in a fishbowl?

No they'll kill each other

Where can you get a fishbowl for making fishbowl drinks?

Try shopping atDollar tree.or any craft store for small fish bowls the kind used to house a small betta fish!

Can goldfish be in the same tank with a betta?

Chances are they won't fight; however, bettas are actually tropical fish and are more active and healthier in warmer water, whereas goldfish are cold water fish. If possible, you should try a small, heated tank for your betta. If not, it will survive with the goldfish but won't be as active, pretty, or healthy.

Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

i have a fantailed goldfish and a male beta fish in the same tank. and not yet has the beta killed the goldfish.

Can you put betta fish with comet goldfish?


Can a betta fish survive with another betta fish?

No, betta fish will fight to the death. Some mate then fight to the death.