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A blood clot in your cheek is life threatening and you would have to have surgery for the clot to be removed.

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Q: Can a blood clot in your cheek be removed and is a blood clot in your cheek life threatening?
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Is a blood clot on the brain life threatening?


What procedure removes a blood clot?

The procedure were a blood clot is removed from a vein is called an embolectomy.

Can a old blood clot be surgically removed or are there other options?

i have heart failure and an old blood clot in the upper left thigh what can i do to have it removed it is very painful

What may be a life-threatening problem because of the potential for embolus creation?

Thrombus (blood clot)

How long to stay in hospital after having a blood clot removed?

3 days

What is the meaning of thrombosis?

Thrombosis is a blood clot trapped within a blood vessel. This is a very dangerous, life-threatening occurrence in that it blocks blood flow and oxygen to the surrounding tissues.

What are some risks of a cheek lift?

Any surgery has a risk of complications. Some of the risks of a cheek lift include loss of sensation in the face, bruising or swelling, internal bleeding and blood clot.

What will happen if platelets will be not there in the body be?

Whenever a blood vessel is injured, platelets accumulate at the site of injury and help in formation of a blood clot. The clot seals the wound in the blood vessel and prevents blood loss. But if all the blood platelets are removed from blood, blood will not clot and there will be a lot of blood loss.It may even lead to the death of the person

What is a blood clot that is traveling?

An embolus is a wandering blood clot.

What forms blood clot?

its blood that's got alot of clot

A stationary blood clot is called?

stationary clot is called a thrombus or a blood clot.

What does thrombus mean in medical terms?

Thrombus in medical terms means blood clot.