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no, a boy cannot get a girl pregnant before puberty. for fertilisation to happen, bi=oth the eggs as well as the sperm have to be fertile and mature.

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How do you get preagnat?

well it all begin with a girl liking a boy than the show parts the bot than sticks his penis into her vagina and than the girl gets pregnant

Why do you need to undergo physical changes during the stage of puberty?

these changes are necessary, otherwise we will remain under developed. also we will bot be able to reproduce without puberty.

When do ladybirds mate?

How do you know if a Ladybird is a bot or Girl

Why is the Topicana Supervisor bot a girl?

Quite simple, Topicana is a female name. This is a bot that is helping in the auto-categorization process.

Is clever bot a girl?

No Cleverbot is a bot, a completly Artificial Construction, though the programmers have tried to give it a female persona

Why is Bot Mitsvah?

A bot mitsvah is like a very special birthday. It is when a girl becomes a woman in the Jewish belief. Usually a girl celebrates hers at age 13 and boys at age 15

What is the characters on the game Bomb It 2?

Well...the blue boy bot one is called ''Sonic'',pink girl bot is Amy,orange boy bot is Miles, green boy bot is Geeko,The rest,i'll submit when bomb it 5 game is out.

When your runescape bot say need to update this script how do you update?

You just download the bot where you downloaded it before and it should be the updated version.

What is tri-bot?

A runescape bot

How do you make clever bot confused?

it is simple ask the clever bot if it is a girl it should say yes then immediately ask if its a boy it will think and think but no answer i did it and i sat for 10 minutes and no answer

Was King Tutankhamun a boy or girl brfore becoming a king?

if they called it a king, would it be a bot or a girl (hint hint: boy)

What were the names of the monsters in Power Rangers RPM?

The names of the monsters that appeared in Power Rangers RPM would include Roto-Bot, Heat Bot, Hammer Bot, Chemical Bot, Textile Bot, two Saw Bots one was Generation 15 and one was Generation 16, Gat-Bot, Vacuum Bot, Dyna-Bot, Magnetron, Nozz-Bot, Sat-Bot, Lightning Bot, Camera Bot, Boom Bot, Reflects Bot I and Reflects Box II, Water Hose, Gopher Bot, Hyper Bot and Energy Bot.

In Club Penguin how do you get a bot?


How are dogs like humans?

They have nipples if a girl and if i bot it has a dick apart from that there nothing alike :D

How does a Pisces girl attract a Virgo guy?

The same way she does with any other bot, get to know him!

How do I make my bot online in discord?

Making your bot online is to code ur bot and connect bot ghost and other stuff

What is a free hunter bot?

The RSBuddy bot Huanter is a flawless hunting bot.

How do you make a bot on toontown?

u can make a bot disguise but not a real bot.

What to do if a girl asks you out?

In my opinion that is pretty wierd cause the bot normally ask the girl out. I would say yea if u really like the person.

Is a bot dwarf hamster smaller than a girl dwarf hamster?

They're both almost equall in size but the girl is a tiny bit bigger.

How do you know is your petpet its a bot or a girl on Movie Star Planet?

You know by Color Or if you Want it to be a boy or girl so it's ur choice actually

On gh3 how do turn on bot?

how do you make a bot

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