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ya if your in a cartoon but no it will not curve trust me

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Q: Can a bullet go into your nose and out your mouth?
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Can a bullet go through metal?

It depends on the hardness of the bullet's nose, the distance travelled, and the thickness of the metal sheet.

Why is breathing through the nose more important than breathing through the mouth?

The germs in the air go through the hair in your nose and get caught in it, when they go through your mouth the bacteria is heading into your lungs and drys out your mouth if you sleep breathing through your mouth.

What are the release dates for Teen Titans Go - 2013 Nose Mouth 1-36?

Teen Titans Go - 2013 Nose Mouth 1-36 was released on: USA: 8 January 2014

What does the nose and mouth do?

The nose breathe air in. Sometimes you do the same with the mouth.

Why is mucus found in the mouth?

Mucus is found in the mouth because when you suck your boogers deeper into your nose, some go down to your mouth. -smartanomous

What do you exhale through your nose and mouth?

You can breath through your nose or mouth.

What directional term describes the nose to the mouth?

The nose is above the mouth.

Where does air enters your body?

Through your nose and mouth.

Is it possible to drink soda through your nose?

Yes it is. Since both your mouth and your nose go to your throat you can drink anything through your nose. Hope this helps:-)

Why cover mouth and nose in infants during CPR?

Yes you should cover the infants mouth and nose with your mouth when performing CPR on an infant.

Why do swallowed fluids sometimes come out of the nose?

The mouth and the nose are connected to each other through the space at the back of both the mouth and the nose called the pharynx and therefore these spaces have names derived from the mouth(oralpharynx) nose (nasopharynx).This makes it possible for food to go either direction depending on certain factors e.g posture.

Mouth to mouth is or mouth to nose should normly?

its mouth to mouth when the oral cavity is not obstructed or there isn't blood for eg, but when the oral cavity is obstructed then is mouth to nose