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No, but there are many species of honey bees that will crossbreed

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Q: Can a bumble bee crossbreed with a honey bee?
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How is a honey bee different from a bumble bee?

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

Is a honey bee or bumble bee larger?

Bumble bee.

What is the difference between a honey bee and a bumble bee?

a honey bee has large boobys and a bumble has small

Difference between bumble bee and honey bee?

a bumble bee is fuzzy

How is a bumble bee different from a honey bee?

Honey bees collect honey. Bumble bees protect themselves

Explain this crossbreed a bee a baby fish and a hippo a bumble-guppy-gray?

The crossbreed of a bee, a baby, fish, and a hippo would be a bumble-guppy-gray because of the respective behaviors of the animals mentioned.

Can bumble bee honey be farmed?

Bumble bees do make honey, but only in small amounts. One colony may make up to a tablespoon of honey in a year. For this reason it is not a practical proposition to farm bumble bee honey.

What is the homonym for 'be'?

One is the word bee, as in bumble bee or honey bee.

How is a bumble bee diffrent from a honey bee?

Yes, bumble bees are generally larger and are kind of fuzzy. Bumble bees do not lose their sting and die if they use it, as a honey bee will. (add) This is because bumble bees' stingers lack barbs, as honey bees do. This allows the bumble bees to sting repeatedly. The female bumble bee tends to be more aggresive than males(end).Honey Bees tend to be more aggresive

Social insects that produce sweet liquid from flower nectar it isn't bumble bee or bee or butterfly?

bumble bee its honey.

What kind of bee looks like a cross between a honey bee and bumble bee?

== ==

What is the speed for the bumble bee?

Both the bumble bee and the honey bee can fly at an average speed of about 15 mph (24 kph). Both the bumble bee and the honey bee can fly to an average speed of 24 kilometres per hour which is 15 miles per hour.

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