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Yes. How old is the battery ? . Is it the correct battery for your car/truck Are the battery terminal connections loose or corroded ? Clean ,tighten Get the battery checked at a local garage ( load test )

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Q: Can a car battery need a boost due to cold weather?
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Does the Ford Focus need a cold weather Car Battery?

Depends on your location.

Why does car needs jump to start in cold weather?

Take your battery to Napa and have them test the cold cranking amps, they'll tell you whether or not you need a new battery

What is the best cold weather car battery?

The one with the highest CCA rating you can find in the size you need for your vehicle.

Why won't a 1988 Crown Vic with 600CCA battery new cap and rotor start in the cold?

You might need to purchase a bigger battery with more cold cranking amps. Below zero weather will probably require a battery with 800 or more cold cranking amps.

What would cause a 99 contour to not start in cold weather 36 - 45 degrees it will turn over but not start Starts fine in warm weather?

You need all the cranking amps your battery can supply in cold weather. Check your battery connections, take them off and clean them and reinstall and tighten. You can use dilectric grease to keep them from corroding. Once you have them reinstalled, and TIGHT, then try to crank it over in cold weather. If it still won't crank then your battery has a weak cell and is probably on it's way out. Make sure you have a fully charged battery when you are trying to start it. Warm weather does not take as many crankign amps from your battery so that is why it is fine then and not in cold weather Also check your automatic choke or throttle body position, the flap should be almost closed when starting in cold weather, as a test disconnect the air intake tube from the throttle body and cover the opening with your hand while someone turns the engine over, if it fires right up then that is the problem, never use the gas pedal when starting cold it defeats the purpose, you need to starve the engine for air when starting in cold weather.

Why is your 1993 4Runner hard to start in cold weather?

Check your battery first.. If it is fine, you might need to replace your cold start injector timing switch. Fairly expensive, but should work.

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What kind of battery do you need for a Kia Sportage 2001?

depends on were you live cold weather or areas you want a battery with more cold cranking amps (cca),more is always better.You should be able to get a descent battery at your local auto store for 50 bucks.Anyhow 500 cca should be plenty.

Are auto batteries maintenance free?

No you sometimes need to charge your battery or get a boost if you battery runs low. Leaving your lights on for instance will totally drain the battery.

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if you are in cold weather you do.

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What causes hard starts on a 2004 Ford Expedition?

The most common cause for hard starts is cold weather. Batteries have different amounts of cold cranking amps. You may need to get a bigger battery with more cold cranking amp power.

In cold weather your car doesn't seem to start when parked for 5 hours at a time you noticed the clock is reset ifwhen it does start you have to turn the key many times before it would start after dri?

sounds like you need a NEW battery once a battery is 2 to 3 years old the cold will kill a battery

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Your 1990 Geo Prism wont start when it is really cold outside but it will start fine when it is warm you had your car checked and the battery is new and they said the starter and alternator is fine?

battery check.....did you get a battery with enough chranks per cycle????? really need more info. 1. cold weather and you turn the ignition. did you hear anything from the starter???? 2. are the lights working when the car is off and cold. 3. you could be in a place like MN and need an engine warmer... sorry dude or dudet you need more info.....

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If you're talking about a car battery - every five years or so. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have had vehicle batteries last for 3.8 years / dead cell / replaced under battery warranty 8 years / weak when the weather turned cold 6 and 1/2 years / dead cell ( original Motorcraft battery in my vehicle ) I'm still using my replacement Motorcraft battery ( since February 2002 , now over 12 years , works fine ) * but that's not to say I go somewhere and come out to find that I need a boost because the battery has a dead cell

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