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As long as it has never been used on the road by any any previous registered keepers it can be sold as new.

It can be sold as a new car as long as the ownership has not been transfered from the selling dealer to an individual, and an original title was not created. Once a car gets an excess amount of mileage, it is called a demonstrator. A demonstrator should be discounted due to the mileage.

One point here is if the dealer searches for a car for you and it is say.. 500 miles away, it will have 500 miles+ when it gets there for you to take. Not only this, but the dealer will charge you for the transportation service to drive it to you at his dealership! (sould like a good deal huh?)

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Q: Can a car with 365 miles on it be sold as new?
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Can a car with 5400 miles on it be sold as new?


Can a car with 1900 miles on it be legally sold by a dealer as a new car in the state of Texas?

If the car has never been titled then it can be sold as new. A new car demonstrator or demo will often have as many as 5,000 miles on it and still sold as new.

Can a car with 1900 miles on it be legally sold by a dealer as a new car?

At our dealership it could be sold as a demonstrator. The car in our jurisdiction would have to be not registered to an owner, the mileage explained and then the car could still be sold as new with the warranty starting at 1900 miles.

How many miles can a car in Kansas have and be sold as new?

It has nothing to do with the miles. It has to do with the title. If the car has never been titled it can be sold as new. Typically in the situation of a demo a dealer will put less than 5,000 miles on the car. The warranty is not affected because it starts when you purchase the car not from zero miles but from the miles at that time.

How far between Santa Fe New Mexico and Castle Rock Colorado?

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What is the maximum amount of odometer mileage for a car to be sold as new?

100 miles.

How many miles can a new car in California have before it is considered a used car?

In the state of California miles on a car do not factor in if it is used or not. California considers a vehicle new until it is reported as sold by the DMV.

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What is the driving distance from new york to ellicottville?

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In Arizona can a car be sold as new when it has almost 4000 miles on it?

Possibly, if it hasn't been titled before.

When buying a new car from a dealer can an auto with 632 miles on it be sold for new?

Yes, as long as it has not be titled to anyone, it is still new with 632 miles on it. It is a demonstrator, and as such the price should reflect that.

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