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Can a child in Tennessee chose to live with their grandparents?


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No, as a minor you are not allowed to choose who to live with. That is up to the parents.

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For the child to choose where to live the child have to be 18 years old.

yes, as long as the parents agree to allow their child to live with their grandparents its fine as long as the grandparents can support the child.

Under Tennessee statute, the court will consider the reasonable preference of the child over the age of 12. They can choose to listen to what the child wants but they are not obliged to follow that wish. And the child can only choose between parents not friends etc. To move from parents they need parental consent. The court will not agree to that a child moves from fit parents to live with friends or grandparents.

No. If there is a valid concern, the grandparents can file a child in need of care motion. At the hearing, the judge can choose to interview the child on the choice and the reasons behind it. Often, a child expresses a desire to live with grandparents. I very much remember that point in 1969.

No, they must file a child in need of care motion with the court.

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No. In order to be eligible to receive child support you must be the legal guardian. The parents would have to consent to the court appointment of the grandparents as legal guardians.

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The child can chose to live anywhere they want to live in the state of california when they turn 18

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Yes, in Tennessee a child can choose which parent to live with even if the other parent has custody. The child will have to go to court and tell a judge they choose to live with the other parent.

Yes, she did. As a child, she lived with he brother and mother and they moved to their grandparents house.

Yes, a 17 year old can choose to live with her grandparents. Most judges will listen to children aged 14 and above and take into consideration the wants of the child.

hi. what age can my son chose to live, with which parent

It isn't decided by a child, that is why you go to court, and handle it officially. A judge will chose.

For the grandparents to get the custody over the parent, they have to go through a court case and prove to their case to have custody.

No. There is no guardianship and no court orders. The parents can however demand the child to come home at any time. Even with police help. He could be reported as a runaway and in that case it is illegal for the grandparents to help him.

anine year old child does not have power of atorney. so no. but a custody battle could ensue.

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