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Q: Can a cosigner on a lease evict a tenant?
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When can you evict a tenant?

You can evict a tenant when the tenant breaks the lease or rental contract by not paying rent or lease payments. You can also evict a tenant who breaks a lease by breaking rules listed on the lease.

Can you evict the spouse of a tenant if the spouse's name is not on the lease only the tenant's?

Yes, you can evict the spouse of a tenant who is not on the lease. You can evict a spouse when they are on the lease if you follow the right protocol.

Can a lease holder evict a non lease tenant from their property?

I am presuming we have three components here: a landlord, a tenant, and a subtenant. The landlord in this case is presumably renting to a tenant, while the tenant is presumably renting to a subtenant. I presume that tenant has a lease while the subtenant doesn't. The tenant becomes the landlord for the subtenant. Since there is no lease (in most states subletting does not involve a lease) in this case, the tenant who is the subtenant landlord can evict the subtenant. While the main landlord can evict the tenant -which automatically evicts the subtenant -only the tenant can evict the subtenant. But the main landlord can evict all by evicting the tenant.

What to do if apartment tenant has no electricity?

If the terms of the lease include that the tenant must have electric and the tenant is in violation of the lease terms you can evict him.

Can a landlord evict tenant for lying on lease?


What are the legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement?

The legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement are the same as the tenant without the benefit of tenancy.

If tenant does not sign lease do you still have to go to court to evict them?

Any tenant has to be evicted in a court.

Is it legal for a landlord to break his lease and evict his tenant?

It is only legal for a landlord to break his lease and evict his tenant under certain conditions. The landlord must file an eviction notice through the courts.

Can a landlord evict a tenanter after filing a chapter 7?

Normally the bankruptcy filing has nothing to do with whether or not the tenant has paid his rent. A landlord does not have the right to evict a tenant simply because the tenant filed chapter 7 unless that is part of the lease. The terms of the lease determine if the tenant will be evicted. If the tenant pays the rent, he should not be evicted.

Can a landlord evict if the tenant did not disclose having children?

Yes. This can be considered a violation of the terms of your lease.

Can a landlord evict one tenant for past due rent but let the other tenant on the lease stay?

He could, but it depends on the wording of the lease. Normally there is only one tenant on a lease: the rest of the legal occupants are considered part of the household. A landlord can kick out the one tenant and create a new lease for another occupant, making him the tenant.

Steps to evict a lease to own tenant who contract is expired?

A lease to own tenant can be evicted from a property once their contract is expired if they have not completed the purchase. The steps to do this include establishing legal grounds for the eviction, providing the tenant with a notice of intent to evict, filing an unlawful retainer writ, and going to court.

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