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Most of the time yes, but unless things have changed people such as Black Americans don't have a good success rate of plastic surgery and scar easily (usually a very light scar on the skin.) Many people with bad scars have them removed and the only way you can find out if you are a good candidate is to make an appointment with a very good plastic surgeon. Just don't pick anyone! Ask around or ask your doctor.

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Q: Can a cosmetic surgeon remove the scar you got when you were a child?
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If i want to remove wound scar which specialist doctor is correct?

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Can cosmetic surgery be used to remove a scar?

Scar revision surgery, as well as non-surgical scar revision treatments, can help minimize the appearance of a scar. It is not possible to completely erase a scar, but good improvements can usually be made.

Does Medicare pay for scar removal?

They won't pay for anything cosmetic. Getting rid of a scar is considered cosmetic.

Why does cosmetic surgery leave scars?

When a Surgeon makes a cut, he leaves a scar. One of the most famous quotes I ever heard in this business from a Plastic Surgeon was " I make the cut, the Patient makes the scar" This is true of course to a great extent because everyone heals differently.

where can I find acne scar treatment product?

Acne scar treatment products can be obtained by visiting the dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Otherwise you can try corticosteroids or antihistamine creams.

How do you get rid of scar tissue after tummy tuck?

There's not that much that can be done about the scar after a tummy tuck. Usually, before a cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon will discuss where the scar will be located. There should also be talk about whether the abdominoplasty scar will be vertical or horizontal. The surgeon may also talk about an endoscopic tummy tuck which leaves smaller scars. Much of the choice depends on how much fat and excess skin is being removed. The choice also depends on whether this is a full or mini tummy tuck surgery. That said, after the surgery, if you are not happy with the scar, there are some options. One is to wait - many scars will get better over time. You could also talk about this with your cosmetic surgeon. Perhaps a laser resurfacing procedure could improve the appearance of the skin surface.

Is there any cosmetic surgery to overcome scar?

Dermabrasion can help

How do you remove a scar?

Some can not be removed, while others require a plastic surgeon to remove them. There are over the counter oils and creams that claim to remove scars whether they do or not I am not sure. I look at my scars as badges of life and living.

What can you do to disappear your scar?

Go on the internet, and search for scar remove :)

I have a scar on your right neck from a dog bite as a child how much might it cost you to have the scar removed?

It will cost a lot of money. You want to find a good surgeon, which will cost a lot of money - but they willl do better work. Expect to pay a couple grand.

How do you remove lung scar?

how to remove scars in lungs

Is scar removal safe for children?

There are many different ways to remove a scar. It depends on the product your child will be using. Organic products are safe for children. However, for lazer removal of scars children should wait.

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