Can a criminal case be reopened after it is settled?

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The court can reopen a defendant's case or order a new trial only under certain circumstances. For example, evidence discovered since the trial that could not have been discovered before now and the results in the original trial would likely have been different.
You may not be charged for the same crime twice.
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What happening to you if the court reopen your bankruptcy case?

Answer . \nMotions to reopen bankruptcy cases shall be accompanied with the payment of any prescribed filing fees. \n. \nPayment of the filing fee to reopen a bankruptcy case filed by the trustee due to the discovery of additional assets in the estate shall be payable at the time the motion to r ( Full Answer )

What are some reasons to reopen a bankruptcy case?

Answer . \nThe most common reason is the filer wants to add creditors onto the bankruptcy schedule. The trustee can also ask for the BK to be reopened if they suspect that nonexempt assets were not included at the time of the original filing. There are a few other conditions in which a BK can be ( Full Answer )

What does case status reopened disposed mean?

Answer . When it refers to a civil case it simply indicates that the case has been ruled on in favor of one of the parties or dismissed or settled, etc.. Answer . It depends on the context, but it CAN mean that a problem was dealt with in Civil Court, meaning that somebody sued somebody and t ( Full Answer )

What does reopening a bankruptcy case mean?

Answer . Usually, it means that more debt has been found, or it has been decided that debt already known can be included\nin the bankruptcy case. See the attorney filing the motion to have it explained.

What does it take to get a case reopened?

Usually, new information has been found that could or would change the outcome of the case. Ask the attoney that filed to reopen the case. I did not have an attorney but the mental health counselor lost his license recently and he finally admitted to the act. Is this sufficient to reopen? His attorn ( Full Answer )

If a child support case has been closed can it be reopened?

It depends on how it was handled and how long it has been. I'm in the process of re-opening mine and since it was handle through the state (Florida) and the Department of Revenue all I had to do was go down to the local DOR office and start the paperwork. Of course it would be much faster if you obt ( Full Answer )

What is a criminal case?

A case in which defendant is tried for committing a crime as defined by the law. A criminal case consists of a number of phases, from the initial arrest to sentencing and possible appeal. The following is the general order of events leading to a criminal case: arrest, booking, bail, arraignment, pl ( Full Answer )

Can a criminal case be reopened once its been dismissed?

It depends on if it was dismissed with prejudice (no reopen), or dismissed wihout prejudice (can be brougt again). Some criminal cases are 'filed' or 'continued without a finding' -- these cases can be brought if the defendant does something unlawful within the time period that was stated

Can a civil case be reopened if disposed?

Under certain circumstances a civil case can be reopened. A party may be relieved from a final judgment in cases of mistake, inadvertence, surprise or excusable neglect. If such relief is granted, that effectively reopens the case for further proceedings. Also, a case may be reopened if there is ( Full Answer )

How are civil cases different from criminal cases?

Civil cases are punished by means of fines or restrictions or controls on ones activities or business - no jail or prison time is called for in the statute. Criminal cases - the defendant can be sentenced to jail or prison. The threshold for conviction in a criminal case is beyond a shadow of a ( Full Answer )

Can criminal cases be settled at a status hearing?

Yes, and it frequently happens. As the evidence in the case develops during discovery the prosecution and the defense become aware of the case's strength and weakness. This often leads to plea discussions and settlement. Please see the related link for further information.

Can you reopen a child support case?

In Texas you cannot reopen a closed child support case, but you can refile for child support through the Attorney General's office at any time.

If a criminal case is dismissed but detective threatens you to reopen it if you do not help build a stronger case on your husband is it legal for him to recharge you and re-arrest you?

This wording is changed but is very little different from the original question. It is becoming more obvious that there is more to this question than the writer is revealing. The case against WHO was dismissed? Why would he be "re-arresting YOU?" It sounds as if the police are intent on on gaining y ( Full Answer )

If criminal case-non violent gets dismissed and detective threatens to reopen and charge you if you dont help build stronger case on husband is that legal?

Question is not clear - too much conflicting info - define "threaten." If a case is "dismissed," it cannot be "re-opened," it would require re-filing the same charge (which would stand a 99 & 9/10% chance of being dismissed again), or the filing of new charges. It sounds as if the police are seeking ( Full Answer )

How long can ins hold someone with a case being reopened?

I would need more information to answer this question. However, I am guessing in this case, that the INS or USCIS would be able to hold someone until the reopened case has been completed. So they could potentially hold for 180 days, which is only a guideline for dealing with a case.

How does one reopen a California divorce case based on fraud?

File a legal motion with the court that granted the divorce to set the judgment aside and have the case re-opened on the basis of the fact that the other party committed PERJURY. You had better have proof because you will be required to present it to the judge at a hearing on which he bases his deci ( Full Answer )

If criminal case of violent gets dismissed by the judge and the DA reopen and charged you again for the same thing twice is that legal?

It all depends on the manner in which the original case was "dismissed." If it was Dismissed WITHOUT prejudice , that means that the judge found some legal deficiency with the case but did not bar the prosecution from re-filing it after the deficiency was corrected. If it was Dismissed WITH ( Full Answer )

You settled a carpal tunnel case can it be reopened?

Would depend on what kind of "settlement" you agreed to and your specific work comp state laws, but typically no. That's why it's called a settlement in full etc.. . Now if you settled a case and have "Open Medicals" then yes, because technically it never was closed.

How do you reopen a death case?

i think you have to find new and important evidence. Added: In response to the question on the discussion page: (1) The questioner does not state what kind of death case they are referring to. (2) If the death was not treated as a homicide, AND you have evidence or proof to the contrary, pre ( Full Answer )

Can a juror that has a open criminal case serve on a criminal case?

No, they should not be able to do so. This is information that isspecifically asked of every juror when they undergo VoireDire prior to the jury selection process. Prospective jurorsin such a situation are excused and dismissed from jury duty.

What does it mean when case closed on criminal case?

In police jargon, a case is 'closed' when it is solved either by arrest, or "by other means." For instance: when the perpetrator is known beyond a reasonable doubt but cannot be prosecuted for some reason - by death of the perpetrator (poss. during the commission of the crime or during apprehension) ( Full Answer )

What defenses are available in criminal cases?

Self defense, acting under duress, insanity, lawful capacity of office(applies to first responders such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs etc), legal duty(applies to citizens whose assistance is requested by a first responder.. also referred to as the "Good Samaritan" law), necessity/lesser har ( Full Answer )

What does criminal case aging mean?

It means that it has been on the courts docket for quite some time and is beginning to "age out" as the deadline for the requirement of "speedy trial' approaches.

Can a civil case turn into a criminal case?

Yes, this is especially true with accounting/business issues, such as at Enron. Once the court has declared wrongdoing in a civil matter, the DA next looks to hold those responsible for this wrongdoing liable in criminal court.

What parties are involved in a criminal case?

Parties involved are: the victim, the suspect/defendant, the prosecutor, the defense lawyer, the judge and the jury. For civil it's: the plantiff, the defendant and the judge.

What can cause a criminal case to be dropped?

By "dropped" I'm going to assume you mean "dropped" by the prosecutor before they actually file charges. That is known as a Nolle Presequi (literally: I decline to prosecute). It can occur if the case presented to him by law enforcement is lacking in sufficiency - or just plain incompetently han ( Full Answer )

Criminal case dismissed. Will it be reopened. How long could DA wait for reopening it. Is there any risk of trying to expunge the arrest record now?

There are several means by which cases can be "dismissed." After a case has been actually presented to court, a judge can do two of them: 'Dismissal WITH Prejudice' and 'Dismissal WITHOUT Prejudice." WITH prejudice means that the prosecutor CANNOT re institute the charge again. WITHOUT prejudice mea ( Full Answer )

How is a criminal case different from a civil case?

The penalty for violating criminal law can be a monetary fine, jail, or prison. The penalty for violating civil law can amount to no more than a monetary fine. There is no incarceration involved in violating civil law. - - - - - The official difference is that criminal law is concerned with the we ( Full Answer )

Why would someone reopen a cold case?

A cold case may be reopened because of a repeating crime with the same style of abuse. It could also be reopened for a family to know what happened to their loved one or any of their belongings.

Can you reopen your child support case if your child is 19?

It depends upon the circumstances, for instance whether or not a child support order was in place before the young adult reached the age of majority and/or if the state in which the young adult in question resided/resides has a statute of limitations relating to child support obligations.

Can a dismissed with prejudice case be reopened?

A case dismissed with prejudice means it can not ever be brought again. A case dismissed without prejudice may be brought again as long as the statute of limitations governing the case has not run out.

How do you get an unsolved murder case reopened?

There is no 'statute of limitations' on Homicide cases. A murder case is one type of case that is never 'closed.' If you believe that you have new evidence or information which may lead to a suspect - contact the agency which originally investigated the case and speak with the Detective Division. Th ( Full Answer )

Can a case be reopened after it was nolle prossed?

Nolle Prossed ("Nolo Prosequi") means not prosecuted, meaning the prosecutor declined to prosecute the case. While this means that the case CANNOT be reopened once it's closed, charges can be refiled if later there is enough evidence to proceed. If the case was nolle prossed in exchange for a pretri ( Full Answer )

How long does it take till you can reopen your child support case?

That depends on the state, the court and the laws in your state. Call the court that has jurisdiction and inquire there. That depends on the state, the court and the laws in your state. Call the court that has jurisdiction and inquire there. That depends on the state, the court and the laws in you ( Full Answer )

How can you reopen a case that went before the grand jury?

You cannot appeal a finding, or re-open a case, whiich has been presented to a Grand Jury and on which they have already ruled. If an indictment was handed down the only option the defendant has is to fight the case in court.

Can you reopen a closed child dependancy case?

You can reopen a closed child dependency case depending on the circumstances and the time frame. You should be conscious of the previous ruling and the agreement before attempting to reopen a case.

Can a child dependency case be reopened after being closed?

That depends on if the case was closed with or without prejudice. With prejudice means the decision is final and cannot be revisited or reopened unless the decision is appealed within appellate guidelines. Without prejudice means the opposite but again, appellate guidelines may apply. Refer to your ( Full Answer )

Can a Federal Case be reopened?

It depends on the type of case, how it was closed, when it was closed, and if you have a good reason to reopen.

How do you reopen your child support case in Missouri?

You file a petition for modification at the court that has jurisdiction over your case. You need to show a material change in circumstances since the child support order was entered. You file a petition for modification at the court that has jurisdiction over your case. You need to show a material ( Full Answer )