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A dog can eat green peppers (my dog loves them more than anything else), and most other vegetables. Hot peppers may upset the dogs stomach. The best vegetables for a dog are carrots, squashes, and green beans.

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yes, it will give them a dodgy tummy

Yes they do! they eat any Peppers

Yes! Tree squirrels eat peppers

Yes, hamsters can safely eat small amounts of green peppers. Hamsters can also eat cauliflower, carrots, celery, and cucumber.

yes guinea pigs can eat green or red peppers as long as you mean capsicum hope this helps

yes green peppers are very good for your body and there are numerous ways to eat them infact i sometimes eat them like an apple!

Yes, green bell peppers are often used in small quantities in salads. They are very nutritious.

Dogs can eat bell peppers, and often like them, but do NOT feed your dog hot or jalapeno peppers. Hope this helps!

Chickens can and will eat any kinds of peppers. The receptors in mammals that make some peppers hot do not exist in birds. Many peppers propagate by relying on birds to scatter their seeds.

It can eat them but it SHOULD NOT eat them, dogs should be fed on meat.

Yes but not to much use them as a treat.

Yes, a rabbit can eat red bell peppers. However, it is advised that they eat them in moderation and not on a daily basis.

Green peppers are just green capsicums. The Americans just call them peppers.

Only if he peppers it first.

no it culd make them very sick

Don't forget the green peppers and gravy:)

Because if they were any other colour they wouldn't be green peppers

Red peppers are green peppers that have been allowed to ripen.

yes, green peppers are simply unripe red peppers

no. Black peppers are the hottest then red then green

Green peppers yes, not sure about alfalfa sprouts

yes to tomatoes but only cherry tomatoes hamster's will love them and green beans and peppers are fine too hamster's will love them cause my hamster does

Yes, you can safely freeze cooked green peppers.

Green peppers are 'des poivrons verts' in French.

Yes,guinea pigs can eat green,yellow and red peppers but make sure not to give them the seeds.Well i don't anyways.Not sure if the seeds are poisonus or not.I like to stay on the safe side though:)

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