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Can hamsters eat marijuana seeds?


What can you do with your stems and seeds?

As far as I'm concerned, the stems are pretty much useless. But the seeds are extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids (which are extremely good for your brain). So, in a nutshell, pitch the stems and eat the seeds :]

What part of a plant can humans eat?

you can eat the stems leafs fruit seeds and roots

What will watermelon seeds do to a dog if they eat them?

The seeds will be digested.

Can you eat marijuana weed stems?

It's conceivable, but they don't taste very good.

What does the Prairie Dog eat?

A Prairie Dog mostly eats the seeds, stems, roots and leaves of forbs (flowering plants), grasses and weeds make up most of the prairie dog's diet. It will sometimes eat grasshoppers, beetles and other insects

D c Can dogs eating Can dogs eat marijuana seeds?


Can dogs eat sesame seeds?

If your dog can put the sesame seeds in its mouth, then it can probably eat it.

What happens if your dog eats rotten marijuana stems?

With any luck, he will vomit. Take him outside and see if he will eat some green grass . I he falls out and his eyes roll back, get to the Vet ASAP.

Can consumption of poppy seeds effect marijuana testing?

No. If you eat a lot of poppy seeds it can effect a cocaine test.

Can rabbits eat marijuana?

They cannot eat the leaves of the plant, but they can eat the flower (aka Bud) and the stems. Rabbits eat marijuana in the wild. I wouldn't feed rabbits marijuana as domestic rabbits are nothing like wild rabbits, they have evolved differently.

Can yorkies eat apples?

Any dog can eat apples just not the seeds.

What does a kangaroo rat eats?

They eat seeds, leaves, stems, buds, some fruit, and mostly insects.

What part of a cutie can guinea pigs eat?

Just the sweet meat of the cutie - no seeds, peels, or stems.

Can rabbits eat marijuana seeds?

No, rabbits can't eat any part of the marijuana plant because it's poisonous for them. See the related link and question below for information about what rabbits can and can't eat.

Can you eat leaves and stems on anise plants?

The leaves and stems of an anise plant are not harmful and can be eaten. However, it is usually the seeds that are used in foods, because they have the strongest flavor.

Do some people have to smoke marijuana to get THC?

THC is not in just marijuana. It is in many other things including poppy seeds. That's why they say not to eat poppy seeds before you go for a drug test.

Does a gorilla eat other animals?

About 67% of their diet is fruit, 17% leaves, seeds and stems and 3% termites

How much marijuana can kill a dog?

Any amount, if my dog got into my stash, she be dead, Just kidding, I would hope no one would let there dog eat marijuana and sure as hell not smoke it.

What will happen if a dog ate watermelon seeds?

If a dog ate a watermelon seed it would pass undigested with it's stool. It is not dangerous for a dog, or human, to eat watermelon seeds.

Four vegetables that you eat different parts or stages of the plant in its life cycle?

with beets, you can eat both the leaves and the root. wheat has edible stems when it is young and the seeds are edible. cilantro has edible leaves and seeds.

Can you eat the stems on greens?

Yes, it is safe to eat the stems on greens

Can you eat the horseradish stems?

Yes you could eat horseradish stems.

Stems you can eat?

Some stems you can eat include the stems of asparagus plants and the stems of celery stalks. You can also eat the roots of many plants including carrots and beets.

Do macaw birds eat meat?

No, they eat a variety of seeds, leaves, flowers, stems, nuts, fruits, -and clay.See the related Wikipedia link for more information:

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