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depends on the wind direction


Also the breed, age and weight can impact a ducks ability to take off from either land or water.

Just saw a couple of mallards do that yesterday.

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Q: Can a duck take flight from land?
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Can a duck take flight from water?


How long is an average flight on flight simulator x?

Flight times depend on what your flying and where you take off and land.

Can a duck land on land?


What habitat does a duck live in?

A duck lives in wet land areas

What is the fastest bird in level flight?

Eider Duck

How do flaps on a paper airplane affect flight?

It allows it to take off and land

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Why does a duck live in Water?

water and land

Do male duck take care of the duck eggs?

Yes the parent take turns on the nest.

How long does it take for a duck to fly south?

it would take 465+ hours for a duck to fly south.

Is a duck an animal which lives on land or water?

A duck lives on land. I only goes in the water to get food, swim, and/or clean itself. It spends most of it's time in the water but sleeps and rests on land.

How do you know when it is time to take the duck of her eggs from the hatching duck?

They quack

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Is duck is water animal or land animal?

a duck is a land animal, but you'd probably mainly see them in water because they are fond of water and there pretty good swimmers.

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Ducks can land anywhere. They prefer to take off and land in water, because they are water birds. Water makes a softer landing than land, too! If they have to land on the ground, they have to flap their wings harder to hover in the air, but if they land on water they can just splash down.

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A quacking cow...or a spotted duck, take your pick.

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Most dolphin species actually take flight to give birth!

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That is not common. Flaps are generally used to take-off and land.

Do ducks fly in a V?

Ducks do not always fly in a V, but when they do, it is to increase the efficiency of their flight as there is less resistance. Interestingly, the lead duck in the V, when he gets tired, will drop back to another position and another duck flies up to take its place. Kind of cool !

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The duck does take care of the eggs for the most part but there have been times when the drake will sit on the eggs as well to give the duck a break to go feed.

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