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Yes, but it can also be gas. Take a test or go see a doctor to know for sure.

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Q: Can a fluttering feeling be a symptom of pregnancy?
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Is fluttering in your stomach that isn't gas a sign of pregnancy?

Hi there - Fluttering in your abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy, but as the only symptom you're experiencing I wouldn't personally put this down to being pregnancy related. Fluttering in the abdomen during pregnancy, does not occur until you are 2-4 months into the pregnancy.

Is a feeling of excitement a pregnancy symptom?


Can fluttering in the stomach similar to when your stomach growls be a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes it can, however it can also be gas pains.

Is feeling gassy a symptom of early pregnancy?

No dear.

Is feeling dizzy a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes, dizziness can be a symptom of pregnancy but it can be caused by lots of other things. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

Is maternal feeling a symptom of pregnancy?

Not really; best go to a doctor for a proper test.

Is a strange feeling almost like a bubble in your lower right abdomen along with some fluttering a sign of pregnancy?

Hello. This could be a sign of pregnancy or simply wind.

Can strange fluttering in lower abdomen be a symptom of pregnancy before you miss your period?

It is possible. The fluttering, however, would not be fetal movement...that is not detectable until about 16-22 weeks of pregnancy. The funny feeling in your abdomen could be stretching of the uterus...but that would feel more like cramps, stretching, or twinges. I know it feels like forever when you are wondering if you are pregnant, but the only way to really tell is wait until your expected period and if you do not get it then take a home pregnancy test.

If under my tummy is feeling i pregnant?

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

The difference between pregnancy gas an fluttering?

It is very difficult to tell at first. Some women say that it feels the same. It can also be described as a fluttering feeling or as if a bug is crawling across your tummy. The further into pregnancy you will recognize the feelings more and they will become strong enough to tell if they are kicks!

Is a delay in periods a symptom of pregnancy or not?

A delay in a period is not a symptom of pregnancy; however not having periods may be a symptom of pregnancy .

When you are pregnant do you feel a pulling sensation on the inside of your navel?

When a woman is excited or fearful of their (possible) pregnancy, their mind can generate all sorts of "symptoms" that may leave them wondering until they know for sure. The mind is a very powerful influence over the body and the symptoms you may or may not experience.A pulling sensation in the navel may or may not be similar to the feeling of fluttering in the womb. Fluttering sensations in the lower stomach are considered to be a symptom of pregnancy. The fluttering sensation is created by the (new) heartbeat of the fetus or, when it's developed enough, actual movement of the fetus.Either way, you should take a pregnancy test to be sure of the results.

Are sinuses a pregnancy symptom?

No, having a sinus problem is not a symptom of pregnancy.

What does it mean when you have a fluttering feeling around the gallbladder area?

A fluttering feeling anywhere in the abdomen is most commonly caused by intestinal gas. This is a common human sensation.

Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom after conception?

Heartburn is not called as a symptom of pregnancy. You do simple pregnancy test to diagnose the pregnancy.

Is crying and feeling hormonal a symptom of early pregnancy?

Sometimes. If you have missed a period you may be pregnant. Take a test

Is malaria a symptom of 18 days old pregnancy?

Malaria is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms right before you miss your fist period?

The first symptoms of pregnancy normally come just after your first missed period, but the most common symptom is feeling tired and having this feeling that you are pregnant.

Is feeling exhausted out of no where a sign of pregnancy?

It could be. But if that's your only symptom I wouldn't say you were pregnant. There are endless things that it could be.

Is a Lump in throat a sign of pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers have experienced the feeling of a lump in their throat, though it is not a common symptom.

Is warm skin a pregnancy symptom?

That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. Take a test.

Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

Is butterflies or fluttering in the stomach an early symptom of pregnancy?

Before I found out I was pregnant I had a really weird sensation in my stomach... the only way I could describe it was 'butterflies', however it was almost like a combination between a feeling of being really happy and really nervous all at once. It would come and go and it just felt different. I knew if I were pregnant it would be waaaay to early to feel anything but this odd sensation made me suspect pregnancy. Sure enough, I am now 10 weeks so yes, definately, 'butterflies' in the stomach can be an early symptom of pregnancy!

Im on depo provera but lately I've been feeling fluttering in my stomache. ive been away from my boyfriend for 3 months so if i was pregnant i should know by nowim bloated spotting and fluttering?

Take a pregnancy test to find out if you're pregnant.

CAN Light mouth ulcers and feeling like something stucked in throat be symptom of early pregnancy?

That would have nothing to do with early pregnancy signs, that sounds like you have strepped throat.