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A gas tank can indeed overflow if it is not full. A gas tank can overflow if the pressure inside of it is too high.

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Q: Can a gas tank overflow if it is not full?
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Should the coolant overflow tank be at the full line when cold on a 2003 highlander?

Full to the level of the lower of the two lines that are molded into the overflow tank.

Where is the antifreeze tank in a 1995 Honda Accord or do you just put it in the radiator?

Put it in the radiator but also make sure the overflow tank is full. Follow the overflow tube from the radiator and you will find the tank.

Can you replace the overflow valve on your 2004 dodge ram gas tank?

No, they are made into the plastic.

What does it mean when your Gas gadge is on F?

Your gas tank is Full 'you have gas' full

Why do I smell gas when you fill the VW Vanagon gas tank?

The seals and gaskets on your gas tank are aging OR you have a crack or microfissure in your filler gas filler neck OR gasket and lines for overflow gas reservoir are cracked and aging.

Is your over flow tank supposed to stay full?

i have a 95 ford mustang and the overflow tank keeps going empty is that normal?

When filling your gas tank to the top and parking your car where it is exposed to the hot sun why does the gasoline overflow?

Gasoline overflow due to heatexpansion. the molecules move faster.

What is the black cylinder next to the overflow tank in a 96 Mercury grand Marquias?

Vaccuum canister, to remove fuel vapors from the gas tank.

How many miles can you get from full tank of gas in a Cadillac Fleetwod?

How many miles on a full tank of gas for 1997 Chevy Malibu

How much methyl hydrate do you use for a tank of gas?

You can put about a pint in a full tank of gas.

What is wrong when thermostat is on high and overflow tank is overflowing?

i am a female and know nothing about cars except gas and drive

Do you get more mileage on a full tank of gas?