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Q: Can a ghost come out of a tv by watching a clip?
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Is ghost adventures real?

I don’t believe that the show is real but I do believe that ghost and Demond’s are a real thing

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It does, I'm watching as we speak

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Miami Medical, Ghost Whisper, & Medium are on CBS on Friday

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When was The Television Ghost created?

The Television Ghost was created in 1931.

If god is there in this world then why have you found only ghost evidences?

I'm not sure what your question is. There is no evidence of god or ghosts. If you've been tricked by watching television shows about ghost hunting, which are full of trick photography and deceitful editing practices, then you should question why you believe what you see on television and start using rational thought to ask another question.

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If you were watching proceedings would you be watching a ballgame on television?


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Go in to the mansion in Pokemon diamond/pearl. Go to the room at the left and press a on the TV and she will come.