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Can a guy have a girlfriend and fall for another girl?

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2011-09-12 14:47:42
2011-09-12 14:47:42

Sure, we all have images in our minds of the type of person we want to have close to us, some real some superficial. This other girl may act or say the things this guy really needs to hear and see to feel good about himself. If he wanted to improve the relationship he was in he would tell his partner what it is that he needs to do that but alot of guys don't do that because they think its corny. The girlfriend can ask what it is that can improve their relationship but shouldn't have to change herself dramatically.


well, maybe so for the first answer. but that can happen at any time in someone's life. i mean, look at all the divorces out there! it's crazy! so many people leave their current spouses for someone else, so why would it be surprising for people who are just in a relationship and not married to leave their current gf or bf for someone they feel is more suited for them. i mean, you can't help what happens in life and the people you meet. things just happen. you can't help it. sometimes things happen for a reason, and it can also mean that you two are growing apart, and changing as people. it is just the way it is. i wouldn't dwell on it.

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