Can a hamster scuba-dive

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No, they can't Scuba-dive.

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Q: Can a hamster scuba-dive
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What is the age on scubadive?

it's 12

What fun things can you do in the ocean?

Scubadive, swim, water ski

What are all the specis of hamsters?

Mongolian Hamster Kazakh Hamster, also called Eversmann's Hamster Gansu Hamster Ladak Hamster Chinese Striped Hamster, also called Chinese Hamster; or Striped Dwarf Hamster Chinese (Dwarf) Hamster, also called Rat Hamster Armenian Hamster, also called Migratory Grey Hamster; Grey Hamster; Grey Dwarf Hamster; or Migratory Hamster Long-tailed Hamster Sokolov's Hamster European Hamster, also called Common Hamster or Black-Bellied Field Hamster Tibetan Hamster Syrian Hamster, also called the Golden Hamster or "Teddy Bear" hamster Golden Hamsters Turkish hamster, also called Brandt's Hamster; or Azerbaijani Hamster Romanian Hamster Rummanian Hamster (not to be confused with the Romanian hamster) Ciscaucasian Hamster Dwarf Hamsters Roborovski Hamster Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster Greater Long-tailed Hamster, also called Korean Hamster (hope I didn't miss any... )

How many types of hamsters in the world are there?

There are nineteen types of hamsters in the world: The Mongolian Hamster Eversmann's Hamster Gansu Hamster Tibetan Dwarf Hamster Chinese Striped Hamster Chinese Hamster Kam Dwarf Hamster Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster Gray Dwarf Hamster Sokolov's Dwarf Hamster European Hamster Golden or Syrian hamster Turkish Hamster Romanian Hamster Ciscaucasian Hamster Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster Desert hamster Winter White Russian hamsters Greater Long-tailed Hamster

What is the smallest hamster?

The smallest hamster is a robo hamster.

How do you say hamster in German?

Hamster(der) Hamster

What is a hamster pulse?

A hamster pulse is the pulse of a hamster.

Can you breed a Syrian Hamster with a regular hamster?

A Syrian Hamster is a normal hamster and yes

How many hamster breeds are there?

There are many breeds of hamster, but the ones kept as pets are: Syrian hamster, Winter White Dwarf hamster, Campbell's Dwarf hamster, Roborovski Dwarf hamster, and Chinese hamster.

Are hamster wipes OK for your hamster?

If they are called hamster wipes, I'm guessing their okay for your hamster.

Is a pee wee hamster English?

no a hamster in english is hamster...

What kinda hamster do you have?

i don't have a hamster but when i get 1 it will be a Syrian hamster.

How do you tell a girl hamster from a boy hamster?

The girl hamster has a hole and the boy hamster penis at the bottom

Your hamster is gold and white with short hair What kind of hamster is it?

that will proberly be a Syrian Hamster or the Golden Hamster.

How can you tell a hamster is a hamster?

Chances are, if it looks like your stereotypical hamster, it is a hamster. If it doesn't, it's a rabbit.

What is the best hamster for your first hamster?

Coco the best name for your hamster

Your hamster is white with red eyes what type of hamster is he?

an albino hamster

Who gets baby hamster if the female hamster is your friends?

the hamster fairy.

How old is your hamster in Hamster age?

Well my hamster is 0ne year.

What if your male hamster bites the female hamster?

then you have one bleeding hamster

How can a hamster get pregnant?

A female hamster can get pregnant if it mates with a male hamster.

What is the most common hamster?

The most common hamster is the Syrian hamster it is also known as "the Golden Hamster." It is the biggest type of hamster. Hope this helps!

What is the most poaplar hamster?

The most popular hamster is the Dwarf Hamster, in second place is the teddy bear hamster and in third, the black bear hamster!

Does a female hamster need a male hamster?

no but your hamster does need a friend. Your hamster does not necessarily need a male hamster unless you need to breed it. It could just have a friend hamster boy or girl.

Is it safe to give a hamster meat?

It is very unsafe to give a hamster meat.Always give your hamster hamster food.