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Mine does but I think it's because I sit and stand differently to keep my neck from hurting. That is exactly what you would expect. Ss C7 is the lowest space in the neck you would expect the pain to be there but it is often in the lower back.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-30 18:47:15
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Q: Can a herniated disc on the cervical c7 cause lower back pain?
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What could cause pain and numbness in lower back of head and left side of head and face?

Nerve pain and problems with the cervical spine. You may have herniated discs in the cervical spine causing nerve damage.

How much money can you get from a car accident and if you have herniated discs on the lower back and herniated disk on the neck?


What conditions are associated with lower back pain?

There are many things that can cause lower back pain. Overuse of muscle and ligaments, herniated discs, and even wearing the wrong shoes!

Do neck exercises cure herniated cervical disk?

I think it can temporarily and get you relief frm back pain

Can a herniated spinal disk cause chronic low back pain?

Herniated or ruptured disks are a common cause of chronic low back pain in adults.

What is the cause of lower back pain and what is the remedy?

Lower back pain can be caused by a number of issues such as a bulging or herniated disc, spinal stenosis or a pulled muscle among other things. Visit your doctor.

Why does your lower right side of your back hurt near your spine?

you have a herniated disc

What are some herniated disc symptoms?

The symptoms of a herniated disc will be different from time to time it depends on the location and the position of the disc. If you have constant pain in your lower back you may have a herniated disc.

Where is Cervical plexus in the sensory pathway?

lower back

Can you sue your employer if they failed to maintain icy sidewalks and you slipped and herniated a disc in your lower back?


Is lower back pain linked to vertigo or dizziness?

i have vertigo my balnce is unstable i nhave alway lower back pai 3 herniated disc. and a hemangioma in l-2

What are they symptoms of a herniated disc?

The symptoms of a herniated disc depends on either the size and position of the disc. You may have pain in your lower back, numbness or pain in your leg, or loss of bladder control.

Are muscle weakness lower back pain and frequent urination early symptoms of a herniated disk?

See a doctor.

What are the symptoms of a disc herniation?

Herniated disc that are not pressing on a nerve, may be lower back ache to no symptoms. A herniated disc that is hitting a nerve, may cause weakness, numbness and or pain in the area or path that the nerve travels. If your herniation is in lumbar (lower) you may start to get a sciatica. This is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, that shoots pain through buttocks and down the leg and can also cause lower back and leg pain. When herniation is in upper lumber located near bottom of ribs, then your thighs could possibly hurt. Herniation in the neck can cause numbness and or pain in chest, shoulders, and or arms.

Can an STD cause lower back pain?

An STD can indeed cause lower back pain. The most common STD known to cause lower back pain is Chlamydia.

What did Randy Orton do to his back when wade pushed him down the stairs?

he herniated a disc (leaked disc fluid) between his L4-L5 in his lower back

What position can you put a patient having lower back abdominal pain?

Laying on the side works best, but honestly lower back AND abdominal pain could be something serious, like a herniated disc, tumor or a kidney infection and should be checked out ASAP if you don't already know the cause.

What problems does a herniated disc cause?

A herniated disc can cause problems or symptoms like leg weakness, back pain, and numbness or pain that radiates down the legs. A herniated disc occurs when there is a rupture of a disc that acts as cushion between the bones in the spine. If the disc presses on nerves, then a person can experience these symptoms.

Does not having a bowel movement cause lower back pain?

It can cause lower back pain but not always

How is spinal stenosis treated?

There are two types of spinal stenosis, that of the lower back and cervical spinal stenosis. Lower back spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar area. Cervical spinal stenosis is a narrowing in the spinal canal of the neck.

Does doing push ups cause herniated disc?

Push ups can cause a herniated disk due to the large amount of stress on the spine created by the contraction of the back muscles necessary to keep your body straight during the push up.

What can Back pain cause?

There are several things that can cause Back pain, from sciatica or a herniated disc, to kidney stones or fractures. It's best to just see a doctor, if your back pain continues with no relief.

What are the cause of back and neck pain?

While neck pain is less prevalent than lower back pain, there are several cervical spine conditions that may cause neck pain, arm pain and other symptoms, including: • Foraminal stenosis • Stenosis with myelopathy • Cervical osteoarthritis • Cervical degenerative disc disease Additionally, there are several miscellaneous causes of upper extremity pain related to conditions of the cervical spine. You can read more about this topic here..

What are the signs of a herniated disc?

Several signs of a herniated disc include but are not limited to pain, feeling numb, and weakness in your nerves. There are several places in which a herniated disc can occur. The leg, neck, or lower back. Normally surgery is required in order to fix the problem. It is important to see your doctor about this.

Why do doctors say that Cervical degenerative disks and Lumbar degrenerative disk are not the same My husband is on disability for the cervical and now shows lumbar degeneration.?

Cervical is in the neck area. Lumbar is the lower back area.