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Draft horse species weighs from 1800 pounds to 2300 pounds. So, yes, a draft horse can weigh a ton.

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Does horse weigh a ton?

Yes some breeds of horses can weigh a full ton or more, the average is 1000-1100 pounds though for a riding horse.

How much does a draft horse weigh?

It varies with the breed, but in general, over a ton

What does the biggest horse weigh?

maybe over or very close to a ton no it doesnt it weighs a little over that

What are some animals that weigh a ton?

Cows weigh about a ton. Bulls weigh about 2 tons. Many male crocs weigh about a ton. Hope that gave you what you are looking for!

What weight more a ton apples or ton of feathers?

If they both weigh a ton - then they have the sameweight.

How many pounds does a grown horse weigh?

that depends on the breed. if its a bulky horse that is a clodblood heavy horse it would weight a ton or more if its a warm blood , it could weigh anywhere from 700 to 1500 if its a hotblood purbred it weight from 500 to 1000 if its a pony it could weigh 300 to 700.

Which weighs more a ton of rocks or a ton of water?

A ton of rocks weighs more. Since they both weigh a ton, then they weigh the same.

How many tons does a ton of Colorado river rock weigh?

Is this a trick question? A ton of anything should weigh a ton.

How big of a dog does it take to weigh a ton?

No dog can be so large as to weigh a ton, (a ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds).

How many steel bars a one ton have?

It depends on the average weight of the steel bars. For example, if they each weigh 50 pounds, then 40 of them will weigh a ton. If they each weigh 20 pounds, then 100 of them will weigh a ton.

Objects that weigh a ton?

Cars, ton of clay.. etc

How much does a ton of rock salt weigh?

A ton of salt weights exactly a ton.

How much does a ton of nitrogen weigh?

A ton of nitrogen weighs one ton. 2000lbs

How much does a ton of bricks weigh?

Well if you actually looked at the question you would notice that it would weigh a ton

How much does a horse fly weigh?

how much do horse flys weigh

Which weight more a ton of feathers ir a ton of brick?

They both weigh the same, a ton! ;-)

How much does a ton of lead weigh?

A ton of lead weighs a ton. That's a trick question.

Things that weigh about one ton?

A horse weighs one ton. 1 cubic metre of water weights 1 metric tonne. That is a cube 1m x 1m x 1m filled with water.

How much does a ton of CO2 weigh?

one ton (2,000 pounds)

How much does a ton weigh in?

One metric ton weighs 1000kilograms.

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