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Yes. Clostridium difficile manifests with diarrhea. Diarrhea makes you lose water and prevents you from getting certain nutrients, all of which can result in weight loss.

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Q: Can a hospital-related infection like c diff cause a patient to lose weight?
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Why is there a fever if you have bronchial asthma?

because of infection, if there is an infection, probably it has bacteria that cause fever to the patient.

Can a bladder infection cause you to lose weight?


Does lyme disease cause weight loss?

Yes, it can also cause weight gain. Weight loss could be Lyme, or a co-infection such as Babesia.

Would a hospital-related infection cause a patient to lose weight?

MRSA is the hospital infection most common. I am hoping this is what you are asking about. Yes you can lose weight with this. The weight lose is due to the infection making you tired. Most people who end up with MRSA will lose approx. 5-15 pounds. The infection makes you feel mostly like you have the flu. And if you have ever had the Flu you know that you rarely feel like eating. In combination with the fact the MRSA also gives you diarrhea you will lose weight. This weight can be gained back after successful treatment for the MRSA.

If the patient has paralyzed cilia what is the risk for respiratory infection?

If cilia are paralyzed then mucus-containing particles, including bacteria, will remain in the lungs and may cause a respiratory infection.

Can a kidney infection cause weight gain?

From my experience, yes. You retain water during this time.

Is cervical lymphadenitis contagious?

That is the tricky question! The infection of the lymph node will not be transmissible. But then the cause of the cervical lymphadenitis may be in the lungs, usually tuberculosis. It is transmissible by air born infection, when the patient coughs.

What is jaundice and what are the odds of brain damage?

Jaundice is an infection of the liver, and if it , the liver was week due to early drinking, it can cause the patient to even die.

Can zithromax cause bladder infection?

Zithromax does not cause bladder infection.

Can an IUD cause infection such as chlamydia?

No. It does not cause infection like chlamydia.

Can a bladder infection in a man cause trichomonas?

A bladder infection won't cause trichomonas. Trich can cause symptoms similar to a bladder infection.

Can periodontal infection cause ear infection?


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