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Yes, a hotwater heater may be placed outside anywhere in the state of Florida. It should be under cover such as a garage or shed.

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Q: Can a hot water heater be placed outside in Miami?
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Where can one buy a gas water heater in Miami?

My gas water heater has begun to leak. Where can I get a new one in Miami?

What distance must an air conditioner unit be placed from an outside gas water heater?

5m minimum

Can a tankless water heater be placed on easement?

Only if allowed by the terms of the easement.

What is the difference between a mobile gas water heater and standard gas water heater?

The difference between a mobile gas water heater and a standard gas water heater is that a MH unit will use an outside air intake for combustion. That is the most important difference.

Where is a solar water heater placed in a house?

Anywhere it will catch the sun, and usually on the roof.

How do you connect mobile home water heater to outside water connection?

lol t k o

What is an example of converting electrical energy to thermal energy?

Example is ,an electrical heater connected to a main switch and the heater is placed in a bucket filled with water.

Is the collection of soot on the outside of a water heater a sign of a malfunctioning system?

It means your water heater does not have the right combustion air for the gas valve to operate correctly or your vent may be plugged

How do you drain a water heater?

Turn off the cold water supply (there should be a shut off spiget by the water heater), make sure power supply is off before going to the water heater. At the bottom of your water heater is a drain cock, hook up a water hose to it, run it to the tub or outside. Turn the drain cock handle counter clockwise or to the left, on the side or top of water heater is a pressure relief valve. This needs to be opened, open it by pulling the handle located on top of it. This should drain your water heater.

Why should the immersion heater be placed at the bottom of the storage tank?

Inevitably there will be dust and dirt in the water supply and if these build above the level of the heater, it will probably overheat. The heater should be a few inches above the bottom of the tank.

Does a direct vent water heater have to be vented into a chimney?

No, directly vents through to outside wall of building.

What is the white-blue buildup on outside of copper pipe to hot water heater?

It is copper oxidation.

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Can you install a water heater in a utility room with a electrical breaker box?

Yes but run the vent tube outside

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Why is my hot water heater outside the house?

This is actually the best installation in warmer climates. It allows installation close to services using the most hot water, while mitigating for the dangers of a hot water heater; they catastrophically leak, explode, etc.

What is the point of using a hot water heater?

It is a water heater, not a hot water heater. There would be little point in using a hot water heater. I assume that is your point.

Why heaters are not placed at the bottom?

Inevitably, there will be some dust and much in the water supply, and the heater should be above this level to ensure it will not overheat.

If 98 explorer smells like burnt radiator fluid inside when you turn on the heater and has water leaking near the passenger side firewall outside is this a bad heater core if so how do you fix it?

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