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Yes. Connect an audio cable to the headphone jack.

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Q: Can a iPad be plugged into an amplifier?
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Does an amplifier have to be plugged in?


Will an unpowered subwoofer work when plugged into an amplifier?

A passive sub-woofer does work when plugged in to an amplifier. In an active sub-woofer ("powered") the amplifier is built in.

My iPad wont turn on-?

If your iPad is unable to turn on, try a "hard reset" while it is still plugged into charger.

How can you download games on ipad2?

Use the App Store within the iPad or iTunes on your computer when the iPad is plugged into it.

Can an electric-acoustic guitar be plugged in to a amplifier?

Yes. An acoustic-electric guitar plugs into an amplifier the same way a regular electric guitar does.

Do electric guitars need to be plugged into electrical outlets?

no , plug the guitar into an amplifier than the amplifier into the outlet otherwise you won't hear any sound

How do you plug up a guitar pedal?

There are many types of guitar effects and volume pedals. The cable from the guitar is plugged into the jack marked IN and another cable is plugged into the one labled OUT and then plugged into the Amplifier.

How do electric guitars get louder?

By plugging it into an amplifier and turning up the volume with the controls on the amplifier, or plug them into an iPad with Garage Band on it. I think Garage Band only cost less than $10, and if you dont have an iPad there only about $500 depending on the size of it.

How does a guitar make noise in concerts when its not even plugged in to an amplifier?

when the guitar players play any kind of guitar as you can see there close to a micro phone which projects soundBaYmArFor electric guitars:They make wireless transmitters that plug into the guitar and it sends the signal to a reviver that is plugged into the amplifier.

How Rickenbacker electrified the guitar?

through George Beauchamps invention called the single coil pickup and plugged into an amplifier.

Is an Aeriel on the roof a standard or an active antenna?

An active antenna is powered antenna, this includes a RF amplifier and a power supply so it must be "plugged in" somewhere. A standard "passive" antenna has no amplifier.

How does sound produce in Electric guitar?

When you pluck a string on an electric guitar that is plugged in to an amplifier, the pick-ups underneath the strings "hear" the sound, and send it through to the amplifier, projecting the sound of the string plucked.

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