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Can a legally married man have to pay child support?


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If you are married to the mother, no. Then you share everything naturally. But if you have a child and you are separated or not married to the mother, and you do not have custody of the children, you have to pay child support


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If it is legally established that the child is his, either through paternity testing or a voluntary admission of paternity, and the court issues an order, yes.

legally yes. if a parent is on ssi or ssdi and does not have a job he or she will not have to pay child support.

If they get legally married while the man is in prison, they are legally married when the man is released from prison.

Parents of minor children are legally required to support said child/children regardless of the circumstances surrounding the matter. The biological father of the child in question must be financially responsible for his child according to the laws and ruling of the court of the state in which the child is a resident.

You can use for child support, but not for getting you pregnant.

Only if the child lives in his home OR he continues support. There is the additional consideration that legally if he is required to pay support and doesn't, his tax refund could be garnished, along with any other monies that can legally be taken in support of a minor child.

I had a baby by a man who is married he is in child support already? he doesn't have a job but his wife does is she liable for paying child support for his child that he fathered outside his marriage . I would like to know can how this law is applied in the State of Pennsylvania. The Courts is not aware that he is married yet

No. If a woman is legally married she cannot begin a claim for child support from another man. If she remains married she has two options: 1. The husbands name will be listed on the birth certificate, or 2. The birth certificate will remain blank and there cannot even be an affidavit of parentage filed. You can still have a paternity test, but there is still no obligation there legally. Now, if one wants to pursue the child support she must leave the section blank and pursue it after the divorce is final. Just know that this does not mean that the obligor would be help responsible from birth. Most likely from the time the claim was filed.

Yes. Any man is responsible for paying child support if there is proof of parentage. The mother can request that the court order a DNA test. If the man is determined to be the father the court will order child support payments and visitation rights.

Depends on specific states laws as they apply to child support and the welfare of the child. If the mother married a sex offender, should the father know?

No, only biological parents or parents who have legally adopted a minor child are responsible for the financial support of that child/children.

He has just stated that the child is his and she can seek support from him for that child.

impossible Since the purpose of child support is to support a child, it cannot be waived by the child's mother. The child has to be supported, whatever opinion the mother may have about it. So no, that would not be a valid agreement. If a man fathers a child, he is liable for child support.

Yes. Another man is not going to have to pay for your child just because he is married to the mother. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

It is certainly possible, but it is not just his choice, there have to be appropriate measures in place to provide support for the child, now legally his.

The father would need to legally give up his rights to the child or the court would have to take them away in order for the new husband to adopt the child.

Possibly. Unless they were legally separated or the boyfriend's paternity has been established, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child in question.

There is an old common law saying, "A wise child knows his father." We always know who the Mother of a child is, but a name on the birth certificate only means that man is now legally responsible for the child's support, whether he actually fathered the child or not. There is also a presumption, if a man is married to a woman, he is the father of any child from the marriage. So if you are unsure about who actually fathered the child, a paternity test needs to be performed. But just because the man named on the birth certificate may not have actually fathered the child, most courts will make him still legally responsible for the child's support.

Well of course it would be the other mans child regardless of whether you are married or not.Clarification:In some states, the husband is legally considered the father, even if he is not the biological father, and is financially responsible for the child. There are also some states in which the biological father has to pay child support to the mother, even if she is still married to her husband. So you really need to check on your state's laws concerning this.

She is committing adultery and involving her children. It is unlikely the court would support her actions while she is still married. The court may award custody to their father. She should file for divorce if she wants child support.

Absolutely ! The man shouldn't have paid anything towards the upkeep of the child if it wasn't his ! Legally - he can sue the mother for every payment he's made !

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