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It's possible, it only takes one sperm to make a baby. It is usually a lot more difficult though.

yes a man with low sperm can produce a baby. My husband has a low sperm count and i just found im 6 weeks pregnant. It make take a little while longer ttc. but we tried for 2 years and finally im pregnant.

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Q: Can a low sperm count still achieve conception?
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How can a low sperm count still achieve conception?

It only takes one to do the job. The chances go down, but it can still happen.

Can you have a child then get diaonosed with low sperm count?

Yes, you can still have a child with a low sperm count, as long as it isn't zero. A low sperm count just means that you will have a harder time getting a woman pregnant.

Can a man with low sperm count still have children?


Can chlamydia affect your sperm count?

One complication of chlamydia can be damage to the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen. In addition, chlamydia can directly infect the testes, and affect sperm count and quality. Chlamydia treated promptly does not affect sperm count, and you can still get someone pregnant while you have chlamydia.

Can you still get pregnant if the man has a low sperm count?

You can, even though the chances are reduced.

If a male has one testicle what happens to his sperm count?

Most likely his sperm count would be half what it would be with both testicles. May be less depending on why he has only one. Since it only take one sperm to fertilize an egg, he can still be a father.

Why would a person still have a sperm count three years after getting a vasectomy?

A man is supposed to still have a trace amount of sperm in his ejaculate up to 12 ejaculations after a vasectomy, but after that there should be absolutely none. If you are still having sperm in your semen three years after a vasectomy then it did not work.

Is conception possible during menstruation?

No, conception isn't possible during menstruation. During menstruation there is no egg present to be fertilised, although it's important to point out that a woman may still be fertile during menstruation: there may be fertile cervical mucus present, which can keep sperm alive in the vagina long enough so that there is still sperm present when a woman ovulates after menstruation.

When you test they found only five five sperm still can you make baby naturaly?

That would be a very low sperm count, BUT all it takes is one to get to the egg.

Will i get pregnant if sperm on virgin?

Yes. Even if a virgin ejaculates on you there is a chance to get pregnant. Virgins have low sperm count but still have active sperm. Sperm stay active for up to 24 hours after ejaculation.Next Answer:Virginity doesn't have anything to do with sperm count. It has to do with sexual maturity. In general, if a boy is old enough to have an erection and orgasm, he's producing sperm.

Can you still be fertile eight years after your vasectomy?

Most likely not. If the surgery was unsuccessful, then it is possible. You should get a sperm count to see.

If a man has one testicle is his sperm affected?

The overall Count will be a bit lower, but if that testicle is healthy, the man will still be fertile.

Can a male still produce sperm after getting chlamydia?

Males can still produce sperm after getting chlamydia. If chlamydia causes scarring in the male reproductive tract, it's possible that sperm count will be decreased due to the blockage. In addition, men who get chlamydia infection in the testes may experience a decrease in sperm quality and quantity that gradually resolves after treatment. But sperm production continues.

Would you still produce sperm if you have tubular hyalinization?

If a person has tubular hyalinization, it will reduce the sperm count. As the condition progresses it will eventually cause azoospermia (lack of sperm), but whether a particular person can make sperm would depend on how far the hyalinization has occurred in that particular patient.

Will your sperm count or potency be affected by the loss of a testicle?

One testicle can still produce millions of sperm. Your sperm output is more likely to be affected by other things (tight or too warm clothing, diet, alcohol, drugs etc).

What if the male donor sperm account is weak would it still last 3 days in a woman?

The sperm count is only how many there are, it has nothing to do with how long they live. The answer to your question is yes.

My Husband had a vasectomy 4.5 yrs ago and never went for a sperm count can i still get pregnant?

No Um yes you can

How much sperm count must their be in order for pregnancy?

1 sperm cell It usually takes alot since most dies in the vaginal fluids and walls, but all it takes is 1 sperm cell, which though highly unlikely is still possible

Even if sperm did not shoot is it still there?

If you make sperm, and it did not shoot out, it is still there.

Is sperm still good after sex?

Until it dries the sperm is still alive.

What age is a male dog sperm count low?

Dogs normally live to be 12-15 years old, and some can still father puppies at that age. Ofcourse most Dog Clubs only register puppies if the father is under 12 years old. Your dog's sperm count should be healthy for atleast 6 years. Between 7-10 years of age there will be a decrease in sperm count, which could be enough to keep him from breeding.

If the man has low sperm count and he uses the withdrawal method could the woman still get pregnant?

yes all he needs is one good swimmer

Can you produce sperm with one testicle?

Oh, sure. The overall Count will be a bit lower. But if that one testicle is healthy, you will still be fertile.

How can you determine your conception date if you still have a period?

you are not pregant if u still have it

If you ovulated and the sperm made it to the egg will you still have a chance of pregnancy if you was drinking alcohol that day?

alcohol lowers the males sperm count it slow down the amount of sperm being produced. Now if your speaking about yourself if you was ovulating that then the chance of you getting pregnant should be the same as if you was not drinking

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