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Q: Can a male and female twin be identically?
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What is the Hebrew word for twin?

a male twin = te'um (תאום) a female twin = te'umah (תאומה)

What is a female calf born sterile as twin to male calf?

It is called a freemartin.

What is a female calf that is born sterile and is a twin to a male calf called?

A freemartin.

What do you call the partner of fiance?

A person who is engaged to be married is a fiancé if male or a fiancée (note the additional e) if female. Both words are pronounced identically.

Who might a person be with if both person a dress identically?

twin significant other co-worker teammate

How do you spell twin in french?

The adjective/noun is 'jumelle(s)' (female) or 'jumeau(x)' (male) The verb is jumeler.

Why is it discouraged to retain the female of twin set of calves for potential breeding?

The female counterpart of a set of male-female twin calves has a 90% chance of being sterile or a non-breeder. When you have those high of chances for such cases, it is not recommended to keep that heifer for breeding purposes.

Is twin fools a boy or a girl?

Twinfools is transgendered. That means he was born a female, but later, became a male because his brain functioned like a male. He had surgery for top and I think bottom. So anyways, so sum it up, Twinfools was born female, but now a male.

What is the answers for ecce Romani 1 chapter 6 exercise 6b?

Female female male male female Male male male female Male male female

Why did they say Artemis has a twin sister named Apollo?

I don't know, but I think you are misunderstanding what is being said. Apollo is a male god. Artemis is a female goddess. Artemis is the elder twin sister of her brother Apollo.

Will the female in a male-female twin calves grow as big as her twin brother so they could be an oxen team?

It's quite possible that she could, but the only way to find out is to let her grow for a few years to see if indeed she will grow as big as her twin. Since she would be a freemartin, she most likely would make a good ox.

What is a male female worker What is a male female pen?