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Q: Can a male rabbit get a dog pregnant?
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Why is your pregnant rabbit trying to encourage the male to mate with her?

Then she isn't pregnant or if she is just put the male away from her

Your male rabbit mated with your filmale rabbit at 10 weeks old?

Your male is to young to get her pregnant but the male probably thinks he is old enough.

What does a male rabbit do when female rabbit pregnant?

Well, the male doesn't really do anything. The male just protects the female. It depends how close the male and female is.

What will happen when you put a pregnant rabbit together with a male rabbit?

It will make the kittens deformed

What is the best way to keep rabbit from getting pregnant?

don't put it with the male rabbit.

Why is your female rabbit being aggessive to you and her cage mate that is a male rabbit?

shes pregnant

How can a female dog get pregnant?

By mating with a male dog.

How do you get your dog to become pregnant?

mate it with a male dog

Is there any way that you can know if a rabbit is pregnant right after you put it with the male?


How long does the male dog have to be on the female dog to get her pregnant?


Does a dog get pregNANT if she locksW A MALE?


Will a male dog act crazy around a pregnant female dog?