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Yes. He can get a yeast infection on his penis, or if he performs oral, he could get thrush, which is a yeast infection in the mouth.

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Q: Can a man get something from a woman from yeast infection?
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Can a womens yeast infection hurt men?

When a man or woman have a yeast infection they can spread it to their partner, yes.

can a woman get a yeast infection if a man pees in her?


Can a man who drinks beer give a woman a yeast infection?

no, yeast lives naturally in a woman's body. the yeast breeds in a warm and wet environment. when the yeast breeds too much, it causes what we know as a yeast infection

Can a woman get a yeast infection from a man with a yeast infection?

yesOR...the man have a yeast infection all on his own and gives it to his partner. Either way will it be impossible to prove it comes form another woman. He can not give it to anyone unless he has it himself. Or the woman developed it by herself. It is very common and only called a STI because you can get from having sex.

Can a man penis get irritated from a yeast infection?

You could have a rash, there are over the counter medications that can clear this up, if it persists then it is better to see your physician

How can a man give you a yeast infection if he did not sleep with anyone else?

Candida albicans, the bacteria that causes a yeast infection is present in everyone, both men and women, even if they are perfectly healthy. The problem arises when the Candida has an overgrowth, which leads to a yeast infection. It is definitely possible for men to get a yeast infection and then pass it onto you. The penis is vulnerable a yeast infection, though chances are significantly lower than that of a woman's. It is possible that the man did not sleep with anyone else as sexual intercourse is only one of the many other possible causes of yeast infection in men. The man may have a weakened immune system, or took antibiotics that killed the good bacteria that are needed to keep the yeast infection from manifesting. Penile yeast infection can also happen with the use of condoms that contain nonxynol-9, so check the label to see if the chemical is present. Simply put, the man may have contracted the yeast infection without sexual intercourse. It may very well be the other causes. To add onto the facts, 75% of women will get a yeast infection at least once in their lifetime, so it may be possible that you have contracted it on your own without the man playing any part in it.

Can a man get a yeast infection from a girl?

Yes boys and girls both can infect each other with yeast infections. If he had intercourse with a girl when she had the yeast infection and she got medication while he didn't, if he had sex with her or another girl, he is bound to infect her since he carries the bacteria within his body. Unless he gets treatment, she will keep being reinfected by him from time to time.

Can you pee in the women's vagina while your penis is in her vagina?

It is nearly impossible for a man to urinate with an erection as that valve is temporarily 'cut off'. Urinating in a woman's vagina is not a good idea, and can possibly cause infection, such as a yeast infection.

How can men alone develop a yeast infection?

Yes, men can develop a yeast infection without having any contact with women. Sexual intercourse is not the only possible cause of yeast infection in men. Yeast infection in a man can be caused by various factors including but not limited to a weak immune system, antibiotic consumption, bad eating habits and diabetes.

Can a man spread a yeast infection from one girl to another girl?


Will a man catch yeast infection by eating his partner?

Yes very easily.

Can a man get bacteria infection from a woman?

Yes he can.