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yes they can

First the old axiom of "there is no such thing as a stupid question"?

You just proved that there certainly is. You just have to find a really, really ignorant and stupid person to ask one!

I'm not sure what an "illegal offshore tax haven" would be.

But if something is "illegal" it would be something that would only have problems for any citizen to be involved with, and certainly not tax benefit.

If you mean can they be involved with some country that has lower tax rates, and a beneficial tax treaty with the US, like anyone else. Absolutely they can. Same rules.

Of course, these only have limited benefits, and only work for profits/income one earns OUT of the US and is able to permanently keep out of the US. (Or it becomes something called Subpart F income, or repatriated (in both cases possibly incurring more than normal tax)). The type of thing a multinational company maybe able to do for example.

But your ignorant and stupid and that used big words, so I suspect you don't have one blessed idea of what it means. That's OK - its a good reason to justify your anger.

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Q: Can a member of congress go to jail for an illegal offshore tax haven?
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