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No. Their parents may be able to get a restraining order on the minor's behalf.

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Q: Can a minor file a restraining order against a parent?
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Can a primary custodial parent get a restraining order for her minor child against non custodial parent?

If the court find him harmful to the child, yes.

Can a step parent file a restraining order against a minor step daughter?

Restraining them from doing WHAT? If it is to prevent them from being assaulted by the miinor, the possible remedy imight be to file "Juvenile Out Of Control" papers on them. A judge might order family counselling.

What If a parent wants to get a restraining order on their daughter's boyfriend but the daughter refuses to get one is it possible for the parents to still get one?

If your daughter is no longer a minor then there is absolutely nothing you can do except cross your fingers, pray and hope she sees the light. If she is a minor then yes, you have the right to get a restraining order against this boyfriend as long as she is living at home.

Can a minor file a restraining order against an adult?

(in the US) No. The order must be requested by a parent/guardian of the minor. But of course if the suit is against the legal guardian, another adult advocate would have to assist the child. The court will usually follow a route that is in the best interests of the child.

Can a parent file a restraining order against their child's boyfriend?


Can a parent change her mind after filing a temporary restraining order against her son?

Yes, return to court and request that the restraining order be withdrawn.

How can a child issue a restraining order?

(in the US) a minor cannot petition for a such an order. A parent or legal guardian would have to do it for them.

Can a non custodial parent obtain a restraining order on behalf of a minor child?

yes, if it applies to the other parent, and with substantial evidence.

Can a parent in Louisiana get a restraining order against a 19 year old who is dating their 17 year old daughter if the daughter does not want the restraining order?


Do you have to have parental consent for a restraining order?

If you are a minor you cannot put the order in place yourself. It has to be done by a parent/guardian who is legal.

Can a parent of a minor get a restraining order if a minor is dating an adult with less than a 2 year age difference and there is no sign of unlawful activity?

I think that people can only get restraining orders if it threatens your life.

Can a 17 year old date a 23 year old even if a parent don't like it?

No. It's the parents who decide whether their minor is allowed to date or not and with who. They can get a restraining order against you. For sex the minor must have reached age of consent in your state.

Can a parent of a minor file a restraining order without the child's consent in Florida?

yes. at least in the state of rhode island.

Is it a violation of a restraining order to write the children on facebook?

The answer to your questions depends on several factors: 1. What state do you live? 2. Is the restraining order against your ex-spouse/significant other or your children? In California, for example, if you have a restraining order against the other parent of your children, you may still be able to contact the children. However, if the restraining order is against both, the other parent of your children and your children, then you should not have any sort of communication (including facebook and other social media platforms) with either.

Can you file a restraining order against your child?

Depends on the age of the child. If under 18 he/she is a minor and the answer is no. You have to deal with the problems that exist. If over 18 they are an adult and yes you could file a restraining order.

Do parents need a valid reason to request a restraining or no contact order against one of your peers?

No. Any adult requesting the court for a restraining order against an adult must show "just cause". Any parent or legal guardian requesting a restraining order in conjunction with the protection or restriction of contact pertaining to a minor only needs to file the petition in the appropriate state court. The law presumes parents have the legal power and parental right to take such action regardless of the circumstances surrounding the issue.

Is there any way that you can stop your mom from putting a restraining order on your boyfriend if you are a minor if not can the father stop her from getting the restraining order on the boyfriend?

just provide good evidence in court of why he doesnt need it, both you and your dad and the boys family can contest against the restraining order and your mum will be outnumbered :)

Can a adult that is just friends with a minor go to jail?

So long as there is no order restraining the adult from associating with the minor then there should be no problem. If however the parent's or guardian of the minor do not approve of the relationship then they can probably stop you from having contact with that minor.

Can your girlfriends mom have you arrested for seeing her daughter without a restraining order?

No, it's not possible to be arrested for seeing her. The only legal issues would be if she was underage and you were over age, and you had sex with her. Than your in more trouble. But to answer your question, no.Added: The questioner complicated the scenario by adding information about a "restraining order." Even if the daughter (who it is assumed is a minor) did not wish to have a restraining order issued against you, IF the parent DID, you must adhere to the provisions of the court order whether the daughter wished to have it issued or not. As a minor she has no legal say in the matter.

If someone places a restraining order against you can they come around your home and child Even if they have the permission of the other parent?

* Yes they can, but then they would be breaking the laws associated with the Restraining Order. So would they get in trouble or would it just nullify the order?

Can some one get a court order to stop you from being on your parents property other than your parent?

Yes, if the other person resides with your parents and is granted a restraining order against you. If there is a restraining order against you it would mean you could not be on their property if it's too close to that person.

What is a restraining notice?

A restraining notice is an order of protection. If you have a restraining order against someone then they can't be within a certain feet of your.

What happens now that a parent has filed a restraining order against her son but has changed her mind and will not serve papers to her son?

she will be killed by the IRA

How can a runaway put a restraining order on her mother?

That's not possible. But it is possible and legal for the parent of an absentee minor to hire private agents to track down the minor and return him or her to parental custody, Likewise a parent can request that the court issue and order to have the minor returned to their custody or to custody of their home state. Once a court order is in place authorities will be on the look out for the minor and will take them into custody and remand them to state juvenile authorities.

Can your mom get a restraining order on your friend?

Your mom can get a restraining order against anyone a judge sees fit. If she is in reasonable fear for her life, or serious bodily injury to herself or her family she can get a restraining order.Another View: Your mother can REQUEST the issuance of a restraining order if she can convince a judge that the persopn she is requesting the order against, is a danger or a harmful influence on you, or her. As you parent she is in charge of your health, safety and actions, and anything else that she believes might be harmful to you.