Can a minor hold shares

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Can a minor hold shares
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Can a minor hold the lien on real-estate property?

No, a minor can not. Someone would have to hold it in trust for the minor.

How many shareholders does Apple Inc have?

There are 917 million Apple shares available for trading. Individuals and institutions can hold blocks of these shares so it is not known how many shareholders there are.

Is there an age limit to own shares?

A minor would have to have their parent/guardian open a brokerage account for them before they could buy stock. To hold it in their own name, they have to be at least 18 years old.

Can a private limited company allot shares to a partnership firm?

No. As a Partnership Firm is not a legal entity it can't hold the shares in its own name. However, the partners may jointly hold the shares on behalf of the Firm or all the partners may give authority to one of them to hold the shares on behalf of the Firm. (Above view is as per Indian Context)

Why is limited liability important in the business world?

because it limits your liability to the amount of shares that you hold. So if you hold 100 shares for £1 each, then your liability to the company's creditors is £100 (if you have not already given that to the co when you got your shares)

What does a hold in stock market mean?

A "hold" in financial terms means that the stock trader already has bought shares of a company in the past and is going to "hold on to them" because he/she believes the value of those shares will grow in the future.

What are the 10 best stocks to hold forever?

FXI --China Shares

Can a minor hold title of real estate property in AZ?

Anything younger than 18 is a minor. Until then they cannot contract or hold real property.

What is difference between shareholders and investors?

Shareholders are investors that hold shares in the company. Investors are the investing public of which some own shares in the company.

Can the landlord hold the minor liable for a blance on a lease if its broken?

No. A minor cannot be party to a contract.

What does a two-for-one stock split mean to shareholders?

A two for one stock split means to shareholders that the shares they hold are actually worth two shares. For example, if a person had 100 shares before the split, they would have 200 shares after the split.

Is it illegal to hold hands with a minor in ILLINOIS?

not to hold hands but if your seen dating then yes.