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If you have a mole specially trained and tame by a breeder then it is ok but if it is wild like frogs and hamsters and mice and rats it could get sad and die or spread diseases to other animals but if you wanna help one that looks sick any kind of animal some how get it to a sancuary the best way is to use a live trap from a humane society.If you just wanna watch them or feed them get some food and watch it silently until the animal comes and you can enjoy one and help it without harm you can also ask your vet for more details.Never let it eat out of your hand especially babies that just moved out of home they might forget how to get their own food.

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Q: Can a mole survive in a home?
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What does a mole eat to survive?

A mole will eat insects, worms and grubs that are in the soil.

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Yes, there is a way to remove a mole at home. There are creams that removes blemishes as well as moles. If a mole is not able to be removed at home doctors can remove it surgically or by burning.

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the mole cricket protects itself by burrowing in its home.

Why do naked mole rats have eyes?

becausse they have to be able to see to survive and protect themselves from predators.

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to survive if they stayed on land then they would not have anywhere to live An Adaption Mechanism, they live in burrows to hide themselves from predators

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There are always problems with this type of question, particularly in a quiz. There are numerous home names for various animals. However, a mole lives in a fortress, a burrow, or a tunnel. Yes, another name for a hole!

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Are you having a problem with moles or mold? This is a big difference. Mole is a small digging animal. Mold is a small fungus that grows in moist damp areas.

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