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A display monitor needs some sort of input to drive the display. This can be a personal computer (PC). It can also be some other types of computers (midrange, mainframe), An external DVD or other media player, video game unit, or other source of input. There also needs to be a suitable and compatible cable connection to feed the monitor for it to work.

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A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor

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Q: Can a monitor run without a PC?
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How do you run a PC without a monitor?

You can access the computer via a network and/or VNC or remote desktop software.

What is the purpose of a monitor cable?

Monitor cables are used to connect computer monitors to the PC tower. Without monitor cables, you would not be able to see anything on your screen from the PC.

Can a touch screen monitor run without being connected to a PC?

The PC feeds what information appears on the touch screen, so it would have to be connected. The screen, just plugged in, cannot generate it's own images without a source.

How safe is it to run PC without earthing?

Not at all!

Can you buy a touchscreen monitor without the PC built into it?

You probably can. You would just have to look hard.

Running cost for a PC monitor on standby?

what are the running costs for a PC monitor on standby

How can you run bully without graphics card?

You will not have anything displayed on your monitor without a graphics card.

The purpose of a monitor?

It is a visual interface with the computer, without the monitor you wouldn't know what your PC or laptop was actually doing and there would be little point in having it.

What is a monitor on a PC?

The monitor is the screen that you are looking at to read this answer.

Where can one purchase a PC monitor cable from?

One can purchase a PC monitor cable from Cable Depot, Cabling4Less, PC World, WAE+, Best Buy, Amazon, eBuyer, Net Store Direct and eBay stores. One can use PC monitor cable to connect PC to a monitor.

How can you run WhatsApp on a PC without pairing it with any phone or using any emulators?

You can use "bluestack" software to run whatsapp on PC.

Can you play Xbox 360 games on your PC monitor?

Yes it is possible to play your xbox 360 on a PC monitor.

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