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Can a narcissist be both cerebral and somatic?

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Mine was both a cerebral and a somatic as well.He is 40 now (although he is not looking more than 32-35).He was a great guitarist(in my country),had three marriages and endless realationships and small affairs.He used to be very handsome (even did some modelling when younger)and he is still quite goodlooking.He used to say that he was quite foolish when he was young and even suffered from hysterical paralysis caused by participating in orgies e.t.c.Now he says that he wants to be loved (=worshiped) for his witts and soul and that he always longed for women that he would appreciate their mind and good soul.The guy brags about how he must ejaculate 2-3 times a day in order to feel right,and still tells stories about how he would relate to women with exceptional personalities no matter how they looked.He used to tell me that he would be in love with me for 150 years,that he would still desire me no matter if a carot would root on my forehead and stuff like that.I guess his need to appreciate mind would grow accordingly to how his body was changing due to time.The truth is that he is an intelligent person,very talented in music,he could be a real philosopher if he wasn't so self-absorbed.But he is still a narcissist.No matter somatic or cerebral or both,the pattern is still the same:they can't love,they are terrified that you don't find them beautiful enough or intelligent enough and they are always ready to go to the next victim.

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Can in Inverted Narcissist switch to becoming a Narcissist given the situation?

All narcissists constantly switch between somatic and cerebral, inverted ad classic.

What is the difference between somatic and cerebral narcissist?

It's actually called sexual vs. intellectual. See the Related Link below.

Are there variations of narcissism?

According to Sam Vaknin, a narcissist and self-proclaimed expert on all things narcissistic, there are two types, cerebral and somatic. The cerebral type believes himself mentally superior and the somatic type belives himself to be physically and sexually superior. These two classifications however, are not universally accepted.

What are symptoms of homosexuality in somatic narcissists?

A somatic narcissist is someone who feels superior to others in relation to their body. So they think they are sexy or hot. A cerebral narcissist is someone who feels superior to other in relation to their mind. They see themselves as intellectually superior to others. Traditionally, males are more likely to be cerebral narcissists, while females are more likely to be somatic narcissists. However, when dealing with LGBT persons, these labels do not always line up along gender lines so neatly.

What is the outcome for an impotent somatic narcissist?


Do narcissists cheat?

Yes Narcissist cheats. I have read one who satisfies their narcissistic supply with sex is called a Somatic Narcissist. My ex married one-and he is a pathological narcissist as I know I lived it-It is the most insidious emotional abuse one can encounter- A Somatic Narcissist tends to be very promiscuous-she/he disregards her marriage and have multiple affairs just to satisfy their need for narcissist supply -Admiration-power--The Somatic Narcissist will capture you - control you with their sexual seduction and when he/she has you completely in their control her true self will come out-cruel and unemotional-and when you no longer satisfy their narcissistic supply the Somatic Narcissist will leave you as quickly as he/she entered your life-and onto the next-As I understand Somatic Narcissist have many affairs --regardless married or not. Question what happens when one Narcissist marries another Narcissist-it should be interesting to watch

What famous person is a somatic narcissist?

kylie minogue

Is it likely that a narcissist would be of the cerebral type in one relationship and somatic in another?

THE NARCISSIST CEREBRAL/SOMATIC AND THE OPPOSITE SEX This chapter deals with the male narcissist and with his "relationships" with women. It would be correct to substitute one gender for another. Female narcissists treat the men in their lives in a manner indistinguishable from the way male narcissists treat "their" women. I believe that this is the case with same sex partners. To re-iterate, Primary Narcissistic Supply (PNS) is any kind of NS provided by people who are not "meaningful" or "significant" others. Adulation, attention, affirmation, fame, notoriety, sexual conquests

In which cerebral lobe is the somatic sensory area found?


Can a cerebral narcissistic be jealous of his somatic spouse?

yes because being soo smart, the cerebral narcisst knows all too well that the somatic narcisst cant b trusted.

In which cerebral lobe would the somatic sensory area be found?

parietal lobe

Will a somatic narcissist ever come back after you dump them?

Not normally, but it usually depends on in which way you dump them

Where are receptors for somatic sensations located?

cerebrum's outer layer of gray matter, the cerebral cortex.

Do looks and personality mean much to the somatic female narcissist?

Not really. It is the conquest that matters - it buttresses and regulates the somatic narcissist's labile emotions and volatile sense of self-worth.

How long will a narcissist stay in somatic mode?

Narcissists are either cerebral or somatic. In other words, they either generate their narcissistic supply by applying their bodies or by applying their minds.The somatic narcissist flaunts his sexual conquests, parades his possessions, exhibits his muscles, brags about his physical aesthetics or sexual prowess or exploits, is often a health freak and a hypochondriac. The cerebral narcissist is a know-it-all, haughty and intelligent "computer". He uses his awesome intellect, or knowledge (real or pretended) to secure adoration, adulation and admiration. To him, his body and its maintenance are a burden and a distraction.Both types are auto-erotic (psychosexually in love with themselves, with their bodies and with their brain). Both types prefer masturbation to adult, mature, interactive, multi-dimensional and emotion-laden sex.The cerebral narcissist is often celibate (even when he has a girlfriend or a spouse). He prefers pornography and sexual auto-stimulation to the real thing. The cerebral narcissist is sometimes a latent (hidden, not yet outed) homosexual.The somatic narcissist uses other people's bodies to masturbate. Sex with him - pyrotechnics and acrobatics aside - is likely to be an impersonal and emotionally alienating and draining experience. The partner is often treated as an object, an extension of the somatic narcissist, a toy, a warm and pulsating vibrator.It is a mistake to assume type-constancy. In other words, all narcissists are BOTH cerebral and somatic. In each narcissist, one of the types is dominant. So, the narcissist is either OVERWHELMINGLY cerebral - or DOMINANTLY somatic. But the other type, the recessive (manifested less frequently) type, is there. It is lurking, waiting to erupt.The narcissist swings between his dominant type and his recessive type. The latter is expressed mainly as a result of a major narcissistic injury or life crisis.I can give you hundreds of examples from my correspondence but, instead, let's talk about me (of course...:o))I am a cerebral narcissist. I brandish my brainpower, exhibit my intellectual achievements, bask in the attention given to my mind and its products. I hate my body and neglect it. It is a nuisance, a burden, a derided appendix, an inconvenience, a punishment. Needless to add that I rarely have sex (often years apart). I masturbate regularly, very mechanically, as one would change water in an aquarium. I stay away from women because I perceive them to be ruthless predators who are out to consume me and mine.I have had quite a few major life crises. I got divorced, lost millions a few times, did time in one of the worst prisons in the world, fled countries as a political refugee, was threatened, harassed and stalked by powerful people and groups. I have been devalued, betrayed, denigrated and insulted.Invariably, following every life crisis, the somatic narcissist in me took over. I became a lascivious lecher. When this happened, I had a few relationships - replete with abundant and addictive sex - going simultaneously. I participated in and initiated group sex and mass orgies. I exercised, lost weight and honed my body into an irresistible proposition.This outburst of unrestrained, primordial lust waned in a few months and I settled back into my cerebral ways. No sex, no women, no body.These total reversals of character stun my mates. My girlfriends and spouse found it impossible to digest this eerie transformation from the gregarious, darkly handsome, well-built and sexually insatiable person that swept them off their feet - to the bodiless, bookwormish hermit with not an inkling of interest in either sex or other carnal pleasures.I miss my somatic half. I wish I could find a balance, but I know it is a doomed quest. This sexual beast of mine will forever be trapped in the intellectual cage that is I, Sam Vaknin, the Brain.The question is "How long will a narcissist stay in somatic mode". I've wondered this myself. If a beautiful girl is a somatic narcissist and gets all her pride from her looks, what happens when she ages and isn't so pretty anymore. I guess we should look at Madonna as she gets older. How long can a stripper work at a strip club? She can't work there when she's 70.NarcissismOnce the narcissist cannot, or no longer wants to be a somatic narcissist. I've been a somatic narcissist my whole life, rarely using my mind (even though I'm intelligent). Over the past few years, I've honed my body, my charm, and have successfully seduced 100's to 1000's of women. But as my skills and looks have increased, the number of problems that I''ve encountered have also increased. Lately, my female conquests have caused major problems, that lead me to believe that I'm nothing more than a real life Narcisus(in love with myself, reject any female that offers intimacy). I've lately come to the conclusion that I'd be better off in life (more likely to live a real life) if I kill off my somatic half. No matter how difficult it is for me to stop caring about my looks (which will also have the effect of killing my ability to seduce, because I'll no longer have any confidence in myself). I've done this before when I was younger, with the result of turning depressed, and becoming close to schizoid (when I loose my looks, I almost become paranoid about going out into public). But I've decided that my looks aren't going to last forever, and the amount of damage that I'm doing is bad. I'd be better off forgetting about my somatic half, and concentrating on making something of myself. Looks are only skin deep. Somatic changeI have watched my child's mother who was at one point quite lovely, (coined initially a somatic narcissist) lose her looks over the years. While I stay as far away as possible she continues to attempt different frauds and cons using anyone that is easily manipulated. The last time I saw a picture of her I was amazed at the transformation. She looks completely different, It was suspected that other mental illnesses along with the NPD were involved. Her most recent attempt at insurance fraud was outright nutty and almost desperate. As usual, I was able to catch her in a slew of lies and submit them to the company she was claiming the bill was from. In the past she would file a pauper order and then get an attorney to assist her with the fraud by conning them. But even the attorneys willing to be used eventually run out. After their looks fade NPD people lose much of their ability to use others through sex and become what they always were, just ugly con-artists without conscience or empathy for others...

Is pupillary light reflex somatic reflex or autonomic reflex?

It is both somatic and autonomic

What is a somatic narcissist?

is more sexual including intercourse,various deviant interests, but eventually the activity will diminish unless with multiple reationships

What would be the reaction of a somatic female narcissist if you tell them that you do not want to have sex with them and you will never have sex with them?

they will act upset... but they will just go find someone else.

How does eating a piece of pizza involve both the somatic and autonomic nervous systems?

how does eating a piece of pizza involve both the somatic and autonomic nervous system

How can you tell for sure if your narcissist partner is cerebral or somatic in type if there are no clear cut signs?

From my experience and reading, I have found that narcissists switch roles. My N would switch between being somatic to cerebral. For instance, he would go through periods of time when he wanted to be very sexual then we would go without sex for a very long time. Sometimes he would care about his appearance way too much and then other times he would look like a bum. He would also go between working out a lot to not working out at all. Everything was extreme, there was never any moderation. To answer your question, you would have to judge it on your own. I would say that my N, acted more cerebral at times. It just all depended on the day.

Do all female somatic narcissists also suffer with histrionic PD and does it stay with them forever?

In my view, somatic narcisism IS the Histrionic Personality Disorder. And, yes, it is "forever". It may not stay with them forever, it may for example become a more cerebral form of narcissism.

How does eating a hamburger involve both the somatic and autonomic nevous systems?

Biting, chewing & swallowing are somatic, the rest of digestion is autonomic.

Will the histrionic female narcissist always become spiteful if you refuse them sex?

The Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) is a separate mental health disorder. I assume, therefore, that you are referring to the SOMATIC female narcissist. She derives her sense of self-worth from her sexual conquests. And, yes, she is enraged by rejection.

What do anterior and middle cerebral arteries arise from?

The anterior and posterior cerebral arteries are both branches of the internal carotid artery

Can a narcissist be shy?

they can be quiet. a cerebral narcissist may not approach people or talk to those they feel are inferior, or that will not stimulate them in a way that provides supply. otherwise it would just be an act that furthers the false self they are portraying, or as a way of observing during the period where they decide what quality of supply source you will be. a shy person is timid, and afraid of being hurt in a social situation. the narcissist is malicious.