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What were the newspaper headlines in 1996?

none ecept Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half . There are different headline for different places you would need to state the place before an answer could be given

What is the headline of a newspaper?

The 'headline' on a newspaper is usually on the front cover. In big letters, it may take up a whole half of the page or even more. Imagine this little drawing as a newspaper.

What is headline of newspaper?

the headline of a newspaper i think is a major subject or topic sentence which is introduced and deliberated upon in details

What is purpose of headline in newspaper?

To catch the eye and make some one want to read the entire story. The original intent was (and still is) to lure of a passer by at the news stand into buying the newspaper. Th

What are headlines in the newspaper?

The purpose of a headline is to attract your attention to a story. Headlines give you a quick, basic idea of the topic of the story, but to find out more, you have to read th