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Can a parent block a child's email account on gmail?


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Yes, they should have the password of the child. By the password they can deactivate the account of the child. However, both the child and parent should agree on this.

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Must have a "Parent" account. (No parent is needed)

Get another email and put it in for parents email

you have to have a parent account but i dont know the rest from there. :(

get rid of your email account

When the email to activate my Childs penguin came it said something About deleting accounts email club penguin I hope this helped you

No, you cannot block your own Email ID. You can however block others from sending you mails. Blocking your own is like deleting your account.

your parent or u has to make another account saying your a parent

There will have to be a password for the parent permission. It will be your password to sign into xbox or your hotmail account.

Yes, they will send a email to the address you used when you made a account.

You have to send a email to the costumer server( the email that your using in that account ) that says: Hello I want to delete my account . They will block it , and no one can access your account. I recommend that went you are going to sent the email , sent it like 7 am, they response really fast

with your parent permission. You need to reply to the activation email that they send to the email address you used when you signed up for an account.

13. If you are any younger, you will have to link your account to a parent email.

There is no minimum age to have a Hotmail email account, but if you are under the age of 13, at signup Hotmail will require a parent to approve of you by submitting their email address and having them approve of your account creation.

You cannot do it directly on the iPad. You may be able to do it on the webmail access to the email account through your service provider.

you do not have to change it there are some servers where you can type and chat or if you want to change it then log-in to your club penguin account then go to edit account then go to manage account then wright your parent email and password for a shortcut go to membership then go to manage account then wright your parent email and password

There is no downloads to get free chat. There is a youtube video on it if you do not understand what I am talking about. When you made an account, there was an email sent to your parents (or its supposed to be your parents....) the email that was sent has a link on it for a "parent account". the parent account is used to change the profile, lock an account, or change the chat settings. Once your parents (or you) make a parent account, and make sure that your account is attached to it, there is a place where it says "safe chat". Click this and scrolls down and click "yes".

yes it is, unless you have an authorization as a parent to go there, and the parent helped make the account and registered you.

probably...13? I have gmail and I thinks its awesome

As long as you know who it is. You can also block certain people on your email account. But if you don't know who the person you can notify the police and they can help you.

yes,, because my account is used other people, this is my email address pls now block

If you put your parents email when you signed up and they made a parent account to monitor you, yes it will most likely sent a email to them

YOU can't, but your parent can! Just ask them to check there email and they will send a reply telling them to delete your acount

you make a acount on kidz bop you have to get your parent to go to there email and activate after you have made aan acount

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