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If he has legal status and is gainfully employed it is unlikely he will face deportation as that would be counterproductive to the issue at hand. He can however be arrested and jailed for non compliance to a court order and have wages garnished and property seized for payment of child support arrearages.

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Q: Can a person be deported for owing child support in the US?
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Can someone get deported while owing child support?


Can you get a TWIC card owing back child support?

Can I get a Twic card owing back child support

Can you leave the US owing child support?


Is a person owing child support reported to the credit bureau?

The State may do so after notice to the obligor, yes.

Can a student loan be intercepted due to owing back child support?


Can you go into Canada owing back child support?

Yes Because your still needing to pay child support and if you dont you can get arrested.

If a person dies owing back child support is it payable from the estate?

Yes, if it is court ordered support. All debts must be paid out of the estate before any distributions are made.

How do you enforce child support if parent owing money moved from Georgia to Texas?

It is best to use the recovery unit in your state to assist you with child support. They will be able to contact the new state that the person moved to in order to get their wages garnished.

Are you entitled to tax refund from obligator of child support?

If the person owing child support is delinquent (arrearage), yes. This practice by the court is known as "Tax refund interception", meaning, the state will collect all tax refunds and forward it to you.

If my exhusband dies owing me 20000 in back child support Can i still get that back support?

You can attach the estates of him and his parents

Do fathers who pay child support have to give up their tax refund for owing back child support?

Yes. Fathers who get behind on child support payments should be aware that the child support enforcement agency in every jurisdiction can seize their tax refund and apply it to child support arrears.

Can a consulate revoke my us passport due to OWING child support?

Yes. The passport can be revoked or limited, if you owe a certain amount of unpaid child support.

Is your passport invalid if you owe excess child support?

Owing excess child support does not invalidate a passport. That doesn't mean you can't be prevented from the leaving the country.

Can the state take child support money from disability checks even though your daughter is 23?

If back child support was still owing after the child turned 18, or if you are required to pay child support while the child is enrolled in school regardless of age, yes.

How do find out if your passport is still good owing child support?

Contact state dept. see link

Can you be arrested on a flight if you have a warrant for child support?

yes Simply owing a debt is not a crime. Or, it's not suppose to be.

If someone moves to another country leaving behind a great deal of debt is it possible for that person to be deported?

Yes. * No, owing debts has no bearing on the deportation process.

In ny state is contempt of court for not paying child support a felony?

Only when owing more than $5000

Does owing back child support prevent you from registering your vehicle?

It depends on the state. In most states, drivers license and vehicle registration privileges can be suspended or revoked if you owe back child support.

Can federal grant money be intercepted due to owing back child support?

no...federal grant money is for a proven need.

In the state of Louisiana can someone get a passport while owing child support?

Yes, if the past-due amount does not exceed $2,500.

Can you get a passport owing child support if the child is over 18?

Passports can be suspended/denied if the amount of arrears exceeds the appropriate threshold, regardless of the child's current age.

Can you get an auto loan if owing back child support?

It depends on the amount and it's affect on your credit rating. Why are you behind? see links

Reference number 1201 with regards to the IRS?

1201 is usually an offset due to owing back taxes, child support......etc.

Can you get a home loan owing back child support?

It's not prohibited; however, the unpaid child support has probably lowered your credit rating. If you already own the property in question, it's possible that the State has placed a lien on that property for the amount of unpaid support.