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Yes, it is possible for someone to be added to a checking account as a deposit-only signatory, meaning they can only make deposits into the account but cannot write checks or make withdrawals. This arrangement is often used when someone needs to provide funds to an account but does not need or want access to the funds for spending or withdrawals.

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Really? Is this a serious question? From my experience anyone can make a deposit into a checking account. All they need is the account number, nothing more. Endorsing the check to be deposited with "For Deposit Only," filling out a deposit check and handing it to a teller will do the trick. Never have I been asked for identification when depositing money into an account.

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Q: Can a person be on a checking account for deposit only but can not write check on the account?
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Can your boss go into your checking account and check it out if you have direct deposit?


How does a cheque work?

A check is a demand. It is an order to pay someone form your checking account. A checking account is a demand deposit.

What two things must you do before you can deposit a check into your checking account?

Endorse, or sign, the check on the back. Put your account number on there and write For Deposit Only.

Change my bank account for direct deposit?

My current bank checking account is invalid. How do I change the account number to the new checking account ???

Can you deposit a business check to your personal account?

No, you cannot deposit a business check into a personal checking account. You can only deposit a check into an account that shares the same name, i.e. A check is made out to ABC company--it can only be deposited into an account that is titled ABC company. It cannot be deposited into a personal account--even if that is the personal account of the owner.

What will be the initial deposit to open a Bank of America account?

I think it is US $ 500 for a simple checking account. The bank would give you an ATM card and a check book for this account. However if you arrange to have a Direct Deposit (Your Monthly Salary/paycheck) into this account Bank of America waives this minimum balance requirement and you can have it as a Zero-Balance checking account.

Can you deposit your brothers income tax check into your own checking account?

I did the same thing and the bank did not honor the check

Can you deposit your paycheck into someone else's checking account?

Each bank has different policies, so to find out the best answer, you should check with the bank where you are attempting to deposit the check.If they will allow you to deposit your paycheck into someone else's checking account, they will likely request that:- Both you and the account holder sign the check, in the presence of the teller- For you, the person to whom the paycheck is payable, to present unexpired, valid photo ID confirming that you are the person who you say you areAlternatives- The obvious: get your own bank account and deposit your check there.- Cash your paycheck, which can be done at the bank on which the check is drawn, at a check cashing service such as Amscot, or at certain banks or grocery stores that offer check cashing services.

What is an endorsed check?

An endorsed check is a check that was written to someone without a checking account, or someone who could not deposit the check, that has been signed by that person so that someone else can deposit it for them.

Is it possible to deposit SSS check into any other bank?

A person can deposit a SS check in an account as long as the account is in your name. The check also has to be in your name.

If you owe money at a bank can they still seize funds if you deposit a check from someone who also holds an account there into your checking account at a different bank?

To clarify, I owe money at US Bank for a defaulted credit card with them. I have a TCF checking account. If I try to deposit a check made payable to me, and that check happens to be a US Bank check, can US Bank seize the check made payable to me even if I deposit it into my TCF checking account? Not sure if they will see that US Bank funds are made payable to me from someone else's account. Any insight would help! Thanks!

What is the term for money kept in a checking account?

A checking account is called a "demand deposit" because it is available for transfer to another individual or company by writing a check or draft.