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No. Aids isn't actually a sickness, but hiv is. You can have hiv in your body in a long time (several years) without feeling sick or anything. What the hiv viruses do is that they infect your body's immune system and cells, and "program" them to make more hiv viruses, which infect new cells. And when they reach a certain point, your body will "give up", and you'll have what we call aids.

At the moment there are no kind of medication that can get rid of aids, so there's no way to go from aids to hiv.

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You can kiss a person who has HIV and AIDS and not be infected.

Yes a person can be positive for HIV but not have AIDS.

No you can not get HIV or AIDS from drinking from an infected person glass.

if i get it correctly, i would say this:HIV is the virusAIDS is the illness generated by HIV.

As HIV infection progresses, it turns into AIDS.

No. In order to have the disease known as AIDS (which is not a virus itself, but a syndrome), a person needs to be infected by the HIV virus. It is the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

If a person has HIV it means that they are more likely to get AIDS, but they are not the same disease.

You can't skip HIV and go straight to AIDS.

HIV is a virus. AIDS is a diagnosis. HIV is contagious and causes a person to develop AIDS. AIDS is not contagious and only occurs in people who are HIV+.

Impact of hiv/aids on a infected person

No, not always. A person can be positive for HIV, but not for AIDS. Some people are positive for HIV, but they don't develop the actual AIDS disease - because HIV is just a virus that causes AIDS. Although it is always safe to get examined at the doctor if you have any symptoms of HIV.

Chlamydia does not cause or turn into HIV or AIDS. A person with chlamydia can get HIV more easily if exposed.

A person with any blood type can get HIV or AIDS. There is no blood type that prevents getting HIV.

no simply put no aids/HIV is a progressive disease and is irreversible

Yes, but they can give the HIV onto someone else, and they could get AIDs too.

If you are having unprotected sex with someone that has HIV/AIDS, then yes it is possible for you to have HIV/AIDS. If you are abstaining from sex, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, you can get HIV/AIDS from the exchange of bodily fluids, including blood if the other person is infected with HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS can't be cured because once you get it it won't go away.

No you can not get aids from everyday interactions with a contaminated HIV person.

A person does not have AIDS until they are diagnosed with the condiition. AIDS is a result of advanced HIV infection. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. There are no reliable symptoms that point to HIV infection. The only effective way to know your status is to get tested.

You wil get AIDS If you prostitute with an hiv acquired person.

No you can not get AIDS before HIV No you can not get AIDS before HIV

not saying i can answer it but me aids not hiv 16 years +

You can only get HIV/AIDS by having intimate contact with someone who has the HIV virus and/or AIDS, or by a transfer of blood or other body fluid, such as a stab from a contaminated needle. AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome," which is caused by the HIV virus. See the link below for further information. It is very possible to get HIV from someone who has HIV. The only way to get HIV is from someone who has HIV or by transfer of contaminated blood. HIV is different than AIDs because HIV (the virus) causes AIDs (the condition). Sometimes a person can have HIV and never have AIDs, but it is not possible to have AIDs without HIV.

A person who has HIV will be treated with a varity of drugs so that the disease does not got into Aids.

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