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you will appreciate me. because he's the best at his job he was able to give me top best information

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they probably could but they wont

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Q: Can a phone company retrieve deleted texts if I didn't mean to delete them?
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I deleted my iTunes accidentally how do i retrieve my iTunes libabry?

You cant. I deleted my library and redownloaded it a while back and i had bought a lot of songs and when i re-downloaded itunes i didnt have those purchased items or any others. your sunk.

How do you restore a cell phone contact that you deleted?

sorry but unless you have saved all of your contacts you are destroyed,

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you can't, if you didnt want to add them just private mail them saying you didnt mean to or delete them if they accept x

Can you delete a text you didnt want too send?

Not if you have sent it.

My sims 2 download fime got deleted but I didnt delete it and I made a new file and put downloads in it but it still doesn't work what should I do?

My Idea is that if you deleate its gone for good. have you checked in your recycle bin? you might find it hope I helped ^-^

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no it didnt get deleted its on the second page im playing it now.

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to delete something you didnt want

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yes dont ask how because i dont know i didnt even want to delete it

How do you delete just one game of action replay?

when all the games are loaded go to settings then press delete all games and it will delete all of them but you cant get them back so careful hope i helped if i didnt then please contact me thanks.

How do you get your phone and messages back on your iPhone after they have been deleted?

You cant im sorry but you just cant tried everything but it didnt work

How will you destroy a website in Internet?

if it's yours you can but if you didnt make it then you cant i've destroyed/deleted my website it's just VANISHED Why would u destroy a website? when these webs didnt do anything to you i hope my answer helps thank you!