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I think they can walk the premises but i don't think they can enter your home without a warrant.

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2009-07-25 13:24:30
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Q: Can a police officer come on private property?
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Can police come on private property with no calls or complaints?

i can can come on your private property.

Does a police officer need a search warrant to come onto your property?

A police officer needs a search warrant signed by a judge to search your property for evidence. The officer does not need a search warrant to come onto your property if he has reasonable grounds to think a crime is in progress or if the officer is in pursuit of a suspect.

If a game warden can come on private property it is no longer private?

While there are many occasions when a Game Warden or other Peace Officer may legally enter private property, that property is still deemed private.

Can a police officer write a ticket for parking in a handicapped space on private property?

Yes. Parking violations are governed by State and City laws, regardless of location.Added: Quite often, especially in the case of shopping center parking lots, the property management company has given blanket authority for local police to come on their property specifically to enforce the handicapped parking regulations.

Where does the salary of a police officer come from?


Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

Can off duty police officers come on your private property?

As a legal matter, police officers are never 'off duty' and are sworn to uphold the law at all times. Therefore, in the performance of their official duties, yes they can. However, in their status as private citizens, you may bar them if they have no official reason to trespass on your property.

Can assistant commandant come to city as police officer?


Can they come on private property in Michigan and repossess your car?


Are police able to make traffic stop in driveway?

Yes. Being on private property does not insulate you from law enforcement. If police observe something that warrants a traffic stop, they can make it regardless of whether you are in your driveway, a private parking lot, or a public street. There are some limits to what police can observe on private property, but these generally don't come up in a traffic situation, because it is normally a case where they can see from the public road or the offense occurred on the public road.

Can a repo man come on your property?

can a repo man have to announce himself when he comes on private property

Can a store send a cop to your house after you have left their property with stolen merchandise?

The store doesn't 'send' police officers anywhere. It is part of the officer's duties in conducting their follow-up investigation of the store's report of a theft. If you have been identified, the police will come to your residence to recover the stolen property and arrest you.

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