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If it is negative and you haven't had a period wait a week and take another test. If it is still negative and you don't have a period, call your doctor.

As implantation does not occur for 7-10 days after ovualtion, there is no possibility of a test 6dpo being positive.

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Q: Can a pregnancy test turn out negative if it is only 6 dpo and when should you test again?
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Can an ovarian cyst cause a negative blood pregnancy test?

Definitely not. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your blood which means you're not pregnant.

What if you have sypmtoms of pregnancy but get a false pregnancy test?

Wait a week and see if you get your period. If not, test again. If that one is negative and you still don't have your period, see a doctor for blood testing and an ultrasound. The only true way to see is an ultrasound!

Are there supposed to be 2 lines that show on a clear blue pregnancy test?

Yes, there should be, otherwise if one it is only negative. GREAT TEST to take!!!!

If you had 3 positive pregnancy tests then a negative and started bleeding and having abdominal pains and then a blood test was negative were you ever pregnant in the first place?

It really depends on how long after the bleeding you had the blood test. If you had the blood test within 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative then its possible you wasnt pregnant. But if you had the blood test less than 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative, then you was not pregnant. But a pregnancy test should only go positive when HCG has been detected and this is only during pregnancy.

How do you know if pregnancy is unviable?

You might have clues like spotting/bleeding, or cramping, or your pregnancy tests turn negative again. but the only way you can relaly know is by having a beta hcg test. if the number drops you will lose the baby. Also you could do an ultrasound. If the baby has no heartbeat at a point where he should by now, you will likely lose the baby.

You are 3 days late for your period you have pregnancy symptoms but the test you took came back negative can you still be pregnant?

Take the test again, it could always be wrong. But then again you are only 3 days late. give it a week or so.

I believe I am 3weeks 3days pregnant but I am not sure if it's to soon to get a ultrasound done I need some advise I took pregnancy test with positive results And one negative?

There is only one thing to do if you have one positive and one negative pregnant test. You should go to the doctor and get the pregnancy confirmed.

Can a pregnancy test be neither positive or negative?

Only if the test is defective or you took the test incorectly.

Could a yeast infection cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if you are pregnant?

No. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your Urine. A pregnancy test will only become positive when HCG has been detected in your Urine. If it does not become positive then no HCG has been detected. Test in a week and if it is still negative then see your doctor for a blood test or confirmation.

What causes two missed periods and water coming out of the nipples when squeezed?

There are only a few things that cause these symptoms, if your pregnancy test is negative you should see your OB/GYN.

Can you be pregnant if tests are negative but sonogram shows a baby?

Yes. Home pregnancy tests only read up to a certain amount of hCG or the pregnancy hormone. Anything above that number would read negative.

Can a home pregnancy test work again if you already used it?

NO! A hpt can only be used once.

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